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Preparing for IVF

Feb 12, 2011 - 3 comments

I had my last u/s Friday.  Saw 5 follicles in R ovary measuring 10mm and 5 or 6 in my left.  They had told me earlier that I would probably trigger Friday (2/11), but I'm not quite ready yet.  So, I won't trigger until Sunday night and the egg retrieval is now planned for Tuesday (2/15-post Vday baby hopefully!).  Injections (Lupron-5 units, Follistim-150, Menopur-75) have been going well, but I've been somewhat sore and bruising more this time since I do 3 at once.  Otherwise, it is going well.

We decided finally on fertilizing 6 eggs.  We prayed and prayed about that number and were ready to go with 4, but the night before we did some more talking and we both felt like 6 would give us the greatest chance without sacrificing our convictions.  So, 6 it is.  What a relief to have that decision made.  I haven't even really worried about it since, which tells me we must have made the right decision b/c I had no peace about 4.  

I'm so excited for Tuesday.  Hoping all goes well and we get at least one little embie for a day 5 transfer.  2 would be great, but I'll take whatever the Lord decides to give us.  

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by Risa615, Feb 12, 2011
I am excited for you and your dh.  Sounds like everything is going well. Will pray for you that all goes well!

by Mindy1333, Feb 12, 2011
Good luck.  I'm so glad you were able to choose a number that you both are happy with.  Looks like I will be about a week behind you! :)  Praying for BFP's for us this cycle!!!

by esmie1012, Feb 14, 2011
Very excited this is really happening for you!  Just wanted to wish you much luck!
Always trust in Him and you will find peace:)


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