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Call me crazy but yesterday while laying in bed i felt slight flutters on my right side almost  like the baby was moving. Earlier i know it was my nerves  because my stomach would jump but yesterday it was slight flutters and it was numerous  times i cannot feel it unless i'm lying still isn't it too early to feel this or is it cause i'm so in tune with my body..I googled and a lot of women  say its impossible to feel movement before 16 weeks but i think the american pregnancy association say 14!! I'm so confused and i'm hoping it is the baby!

Baby #3 due to preseed
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982214 tn?1471458381
by krichar, Mar 10, 2011
I started feeling movement at around 13 weeks. Little butterflies or popcorn popping. I knew it was baby because I could hear him as well with my Doppler... So it is very possible that is what it is!! Congrats!!

1487763 tn?1360376013
by kayharris601, Mar 11, 2011
Yes that's what I feel little light pecks!!!

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by logigirl, Mar 11, 2011
i felt a tight wad in my pelvic area at about week 12. I noticed when i layed on my side adn rolled onto my back it would poke out, then eventually move and flatten out (which i could feel)!

At week 16 i felt the real flutters

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