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I got my ADHD diagnosis...

Mar 24, 2011 - 4 comments

adhd diagnosis









Yep...i have it. I feel relieved to know that i'm just not a nut job lol

I've been given Dexamphetamine 5mg tablets. My doctor has put me on a high follows...

15mg when waking
15mg around lunch
10mg in the afternoon
10mg at night

so a total of 50mg's per day....

I know this medication can be addictive, but i'm not heading down that path. I have been prescribed this medication for a reason, and hopefully it'll do the trick! both the specialist i saw and my doctor highly recommend this treatment for ADHD and find it quite successful.

I'm a little concerned they have gluten in them...every internet search i'm doing says they contain wheat starch, but very minimal amounts of gluten. (I'm gluten intolerant). But i guess i'll just have to start my dose tomorrow and see how i go!

I welcome any comments, criticisms, concerns....anything you guys have to say, because i value the opinions and knowledge of each and every one of you :)


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by laurel453, Mar 24, 2011
Have you told your doctors that you are gluten intolerant ?

i am glad that your doctors have given a diagnosis to you and a treatment, Grace :)

by paying_it_forward, Mar 24, 2011
lol i totally forgot to tell them I'm gluten intolerant :S ...well i haven't been diagnosed by a's just been more of a trial and error thing that i figured out (with the help of an old housemate that is extreeeemly intolerant of gluten). I have been playing around with having things with "glucose derived from wheat" and that seems fine...though i just found out they process it alot so its more than likely not to have gluten in it anyway.

But i haven't really played around with "wheat starch" too much yet...but i think it should be too much of a problem :\ lol i'll soon find out though!

by perch101, Mar 29, 2011
Hey Grace,

I've been off medhelp for a bit and see that you have your diagnosis - thats great, sounds like it went well! Then I saw the trouble you've had with the Dexamphetamine - I hope with the lowered dose things settle down for you, maybe your body just needs to get used to it . If your body dosen't continue to tolerate it well, are there other meds that can help ADHD? At least you know its not anaphylaxis - if it was you would have had trouble breating within minutes of your first dose.

I wouldn't worry about about the addictive side of the meds  - you are taking it to treat symptoms that need treating and your doctor will monitor your script - you've come so far and you know the danger signs to look out for and if you felt like not taking them as directed you would recognise it straight away and know what to do :-)

With the sleeping thing - unfortunatley I thin that side effect affects nearly everyone on it - I remember one of the residents at the basin was on Dexamphetamine for ADHD and hee told me that he could never sleep more than about 3 hours when he'd taken it that day so his doctor told him to have a 'day off' it to 'cattch up on sleep. He said after about 6 days of barley any sleep he was nearly hallucinating he was so tired, so he'd have a day off, have a 10 hour sleep and then be okay for a while. Of course you'd have to check with your doctor before doing that!

So I really hope its going better with the lower dose, and hopefully as your body gets used to it you won't have the negative side affects.

Let us know how your doing!!



by paying_it_forward, Mar 29, 2011
Hey Perch :)

Yeah we lowered my dose from 50mg to 30mg's over the far all is going well...Yesterday was my first on the lower dose and i slept just fine thank god! I do think i need the higher dose though because yesterday and today in class i noticed there was an improvement in my focus and attention...but not to the extent that it should be. I've been a LOT less aggressive which is really good too.

My doctor did say we can up the dosage once my body is used to the meds so thats good :) There are non stimulant medications for adhd that don't have addictive properties so that's always an option too. (Though through research it seems as though they don't work as well)

I most definitely won't be abusing this medication or try to "chase the high"...Like you said we know the warning signs too...and if i ever found myself in that position i would let my doctor know because there's no way I'm going to go through addiction again...once is enough! Plus i know my doctor would never prescribe me something if he though i still had a big potential to abuse it...of course there's always potential for abuse but we need to choose not to.

But anyways I'm more than sure they got my diagnosis correct! Which is a relief :) It's funny how the thought of me having adhd never ever entered my mind in my entire life! My mother suspected it but never told me....she did when i said the doctor thought i probably have it though which also surprised me....but like i said I'm just relieved to finally get to the bottom of it all :D

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