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Tramadol withdrawl

Apr 08, 2011 - 3 comments

no energy even to move, I hope I sleep tonight was the worst nice since trying to tapper down on tramadol.

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by aheart, Apr 08, 2011
How much Tram were you taking a day? I hope you sleep tonight too. Do you have any Trazadone for sleep?

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by pillsnomore, Apr 08, 2011
THere is light at the end of the tunnel!! It will get better!! Strong strong and you will feel free again:))

1649704 tn?1402782037
by beau194, Apr 09, 2011
   I've thought about this a lot. I don't drink alcohol any more. I haven't for some years now. But, back when I did, I drank too much, too often. I wanted to quit, but couldn't at the time. I went 17 days without a drink one time, and then fell off the wagon. I drank for more than a decade after that. Those days of drying out were terrible, but, I must admit, nothing like the horror of Tramadol withdrawl. I am on day 23 of being free from Tramadol now. I would rather have walked through the Florida Everglades at night than have to go through these horrible withdrawls. I still am having symptoms, but it is so much better. I'm getting my mind & body back & life is SO MUCH SWEETER. I wouldn't take anything for this journey to FREEDOM. I encourage you to Stay The Course! It is SO WORTH IT!! Let these wonderful friends help you through this. They are INVALUABLE to your RECOVERY. Prayers & blessings to you & Congratulations on choosing to LIVE again!!!!

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