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TACE Session #3... Third Time's the Charm?

Apr 08, 2011 - 11 comments


Yesterday afternoon was my husband's third TACE session, and I had mentally braced myself for the worst.  Previous experience had prepared me to expect him to have lots of nausea, pain, and discomfort, but none of it materialized this time.  In fact, both the doctor and I were pleasantly surprised at my husband's recovery.  He slept for about 4 hours after the procedure, but upon waking was alert, animated, and hungry.  Whereas in previous sessions he suffered quite a bit for a day or two after, this session didn't even seem to phase him one bit.  Within 8 hours, he was walking around and joking with the nurses and visitors.  He was taken off the IV the same evening, and discharged early morning in good form and good spirits.

What was most encouraging was the radiologist's assessment of the current situation; he stated that only one tumor demonstrated visible continued activity upon investigation, and he was confident the target tumor was delivered chemo and embolized successfully in this session as well.

Certainly no guarantees, but very encouraging information, and much better than I could have hoped for.  His AFP prior to TACE session #2 was 145, but just prior to this treatment it was back down to 14.  All of this gives us great hope looking forward.  There will certainly be follow-up in about a month's time with CT-Scan imaging, AFP, and other bloodwork, but today I feel every reason to rejoice.   How unexpectedly funny that my husband is feeling great and energetic, and I'm feeling absolutely exhausted, but at peace for the time being.

Looking forward to an uneventful weekend :).

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by IAmTheWalrus, Apr 09, 2011
Great news! All the indicators look good. Keeping fingers crossed for you both.


by paen53, Apr 09, 2011

That is SO good to hear! Hopefully now you can get some rest and be able to share in hubby's good spirits.
Enjoy the weekend ahead, Pam

by Trish77, Apr 09, 2011
That's terrific news, Eureka.  Takes alot of energy to brace for the worst, particularly mentally - I would imagine being able to relax that energy results in a correlating exhaustion from expending it!  I'm so pleased for both of you at how promising these results are - and to get a lovely unexpected break for both of you from the usual sides.  Hope you have a lovely weekend. :)


by child24angel, Apr 09, 2011
Yahooooo Eureka!!!
Great news !

by babs824, Apr 09, 2011
good news Eureka, what a great support u are. keep up the good work, babs

by foofighter, Apr 10, 2011
That is wonderful. Get some rest and savor the encouraging news.

by Kathy73, Apr 11, 2011
I certainly hope that this is the beginning of more lovely encouraging results! You and your husband are in my prayers.

by mikesimon, Apr 11, 2011
Great News!!!!!!!!
I hope very much that he continues to improve.


by nygirl7, Apr 11, 2011
Wow that AFP dropped like a rocket I certainly hope that it bodes as well as it sure seems like all is doing!
Congrats to you both - seems like the start of good things.

by James10500, Apr 11, 2011
Fingers crossed, hoping for the best !!!

by GSDgirl, Apr 11, 2011
I hope all goes well for both of you!

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