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Apr 15, 2011 - 3 comments












well the twins are 105 days old. But 1 month corrected. Toby is still in the Special Baby Care Unit in hospital. Finn has been home 6 weeks. Both have reflux due to prematurity - so its a riot at home with the laundry. Haven't had time to do a thing since they were born. Finn and I spend each day at the hospital. This with TTC last year and a miscarriage - has certainly been and still is a massive roller coaster.

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by mhv, Apr 15, 2011
Saying prayers for Toby!  I hope he gets to come home soon.  Have they given you any timeline on when that may happen?  Glad to hear Finn is home and doing well.  

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by leanne95, Apr 29, 2011
its great to hear from you x
hope little toby will be home soon x

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by Sherri90049, Apr 30, 2011
I just saw this post! Thanks for the update! I wonder about you guys all the time! And I will keep saying prayers for baby Toby that he gets to go home REALLY soon! xx

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