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Just.....cant sleep, too many bad thoughts...

Jul 02, 2011 - 3 comments



Bad Thoughts










brain tumor







its coming up to 3am UK time and I'm up awake feeling...honestly like complete Sh*t.

My head hurts and feels insanely pressured i cant tell if its a migraine,it hurts and feels horrible all down one side, my legs are still tingling and have that crawling feeling in them and have been all day since i awoke last morning....

I'm writing this journal in this mindset, i felt fine a few days ago and now this?...all i know is I'm fearing things that very likely arnt wrong with me, i wrote two questions in anxiety and one in neurology...not yet had any responses..i know this site gets busy.I'm just frightened by thoughts of whats going on is fatal in my head....the god awful cycle of what ifs and maybe's...I'm fed up with it, just so tired of running back and forth from the doctors and every time leaving still unanswered.

This has to get better, or I'm gonna go crazy.

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Avatar m tn
by Single_Man, Jul 02, 2011
Hey dude. Im in a very similar situation. Ive been going on like this for about 2 months now. I dont have much to say to help you out, but I know exactly what you're feeling. What have the doctors done for you so far? Have you had any brain scans?

Ill tell you what, Go to ************ say everything that you need to say there, with the cross posting feature. Get as much information about your symptoms as you can, so you can have a clear idea of whats going on when talking to your doctors.

Do not listen to anyone when they tell you "its just anxiety". I met a really great chiropractor, that grew up an herbalist, and lives a true naturopath lifestyle, that taught me, even though ive only seen her twice so far, that Everything that happens to our bodies is CAUSED by something... Its most definitely NOT just in your head. ya get me? So dont worry. Get your thoughts straight, and know that whatever is going on, you can fix.

Dont get me wrong. the brain can Think itself into a world of hurt, that can actually be physically painful. Anxiety is a real thing, ive learned. But no amount of drug can fix it. If you Read your symptoms in a book, and THEN get them, you probably dont have them. But if you have the symptoms, and find they are related to your other symptoms, then they might be real.

The best thing you can do now, is to stop reading this. Take some sleeping aids, and get some rest. Anything you can do tonight, can easily be done tomorrow. And even though you might not think so, You Will wake up! You're going to wake up. k?

im going to count down from 5, and when im done you are going to lay down and sleep...5....4....3.....2.....1

Avatar m tn
by Single_Man, Jul 03, 2011
that big glob of stars in the second line there.. that is supposed to be   Cure  Zone  *******.. google curezone.

Avatar n tn
by angelwings1961, Sep 14, 2011
my bo       dy  has pins and needles feeling,sometimes itchy some little poking pain spots.upper lip swelling

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