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26 July

Jul 26, 2011 - 2 comments

He rarely calls and when he does he has nothing to say.  Am I selfish to want more?  I miss him so much, and feel all alone in this.  Why can I not move past the hurt and anguish?  Who is looking out for me while he is on his 28 day vacation?  He still lies often.  Why is it he can be so selfish, and I cannot even think of me, without feeling bad about it!?!?  Big exhale... Another day in the books.

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by sickofpillsandpain, Jul 28, 2011
so sorry that you are feeling so sad =[  i wish there was a magic wand to make things better. you seem like a very strong woman so i know that you will make it through this just fine =]

by Tipsbabygirl, Aug 01, 2011
Thanks for being there!!!  = }

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