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Jul 30, 2011 - 4 comments

Well my husband and I went about 3 hours away from home to go fishing with some friends. We were out in the middle of no where. No cell service or anything,  I went into an SVT epidsode, my HR was around 180+ I got ver nervous and that didn't help, So I just sat down and started to fish. I then waited and remembered that A nurse had me squat and push down, So I did about 3 times and it worked. I am now however, worn out and of cousre the fear of another one is always on my mind. I hope to get ablation in the next 6 months. I just started a new job and waiting for that amount to not lose my job, plus the insurance to kick in and pay. Well I just thouht that I would share this with my friends.  

gnite to all.....

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by merileegal, Jul 30, 2011
Sounds familiar. What you did was a vagal manuever. I survived on those over 20 years before I had my ablation. If you can find one that works for you, keep using it. Squatting just anywhere might be a bit awkward, however. The one I used was to breath in as deep as I could until I felt as if my lungs were going to burst and it would usually convert right away. Sometimes I would have to wait a minute or so if it didn't and then try again. The main thing is to just remain calm. I know that is hard to do when it feels like your heart is beating out of your chest and you wonder if you could die. But I promise, staying calm is the single most important thing you can do. That's how I discovered the breathing in technique. I decided to take a deep breath in just to help me relax not really expecting it would be the thing that would convert my heart back to normal rythm. My heart would typically race and 240-250 bp. Another one I read about was to lay flat, take a breath in and then slowly raise your legs in the air. It was written by an er nurse who says she's seen it work 100% of the time. When you can master the SVT your selft it is very empowering. After 20 years I was having a harder and harder time getting it to convert. I was afraid the fast beat would damage my heart. I almost decided not to have the ablation and continue with the vagal manuevers and my ep agreed until he looked at my hr and said it was just too fast and said I really needed it. But, until you get to the point you get the ablation, try some of those manuevers. I'm glad you were able to convert without going to the er.

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by Jannie411, Jul 31, 2011
How well I remember that awful feeling when I would unexpectedly get an SVT attack when I was away from home.  Thank goodness you were able to convert it.   It's hard to stay calm when this is happening, I know.  But you did and it must have felt so good when your heartrate went back to normal.  Back in the early days of SVT, I was able to convert on my own too.  What usually worked best was to lie down on the floor (or ground), raise my legs up against the wall as high as I could go, and breathe deeply.  Sometimes holding my breath would work too.  As the years went on and my SVT attacks became more frequent and intensified, I was no longer able to convert on my own, necessitating the ablation.  At least it must be comforting to know you can convert your attacks until the time for your ablation arrives.  

Hope you had a good and restful night......just take it easy and try to relax.

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by john1346, Feb 08, 2013
I know how you all feel i had my first svt episode sept 2011 ended up in the er with a hr of 260 where i recieved adenosine ...not very fun.I had a ablation in dec of 2011...ep said im 95 percent cured i was good with that number since the ablation i have had many palpitations but i wanted to believe that this problem was three days ago almost a year and half after the ablation i went into svt hr 230 ... where i again received adenosine.i understand when i read from all of you how terrible this a paramedic firefighter im use to treating people for this not being on the other end of it. my cardioligist wants to try me on metoprolol for a month and go from there..he states unless i start getting svt frequently a couple times a month they wont even consider another ablation...i wish all of you the best....if anyone needs to talk im here,john

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by john1346, Feb 08, 2013
almost forgot im 25

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