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**update** I AM 4 WEEKS PREGNANT!

Aug 15, 2011 - 19 comments

im pregnant!

WOW! So on Aug 11th started having extreme breast soreness...nothing ive ever felt in my life, along with cramps...usually when im about to get my period i have frequent urination and breast tenderness...never cramps...

aug 11th and 12th i noticed some spotting... 12-15 barely any spotting..
this morning i was awakened by horrible cramps..i was so afraid of what this could be (never in a million years expecting a baby) i started to cry! hubby made me some tea, rubbed some icyhot down there, and put a warm rag on my stomach to ease the pain..

I made an apt for 10:30 to see my doc..he tested my urine for infection and pregnancy..the nurse during the test said the test had stopped working..then she said it was negative..

on my way to the ultrasound place, the nurse called me back to say. "mrs reid, i need you to come back and do a blood test because the test was positive." at this moment i start freaking out and i almost passed out in the office...( i had heard negative at least 10 times every time i went to this doctor) i couldnt believe it..

I didnt get to do the ultra sound because i couldnt hold my urine any longer, they told me to come back another day and do it..

back at the doctors office, she explains to me that the first test appeard to be negative because there was a second faint line she she tested again and there was two lines (the second still faint)...they drew blood from me and tomorrow i find out how far along i am.....i cant believe this......

I must add that on APRIL 23RD this year i started clomid and estridol...i only planned to do it for one night i was laying with my hubby and the lord spoke to me and said "i was faith ful in giving you a husband, so shall i be to bless you with this child" ...after he spoke that to me i decided to stop "trying" and i truely gave it to the lord.. here i am now, almost 5 months later...pregnant.

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by TinaR10, Aug 15, 2011
what a testomony God is so good u and hubbuy deserve this cograts again :)

by MrsREID, Aug 15, 2011
thank you so much!!!!!!!!

by donnalynn12, Aug 15, 2011
Cpngrats!!!! and good for you for putting your faith in the Lord....I'm so happy for you that  your prayers were answered.
God  Bless, Donna

by MrsREID, Aug 15, 2011
God bless u too sweety!

by MARLENISS2006, Aug 15, 2011
CONGRATULATIONS!!! im so happy for you, you see God didnt forgot about you!!!! omg im so excited for you!

by lisa1905, Aug 15, 2011
Cpngrats!!! have happy and healthy 9 month :)

by earthangle, Aug 15, 2011
congrats hun....god is good.

by jamrock1971, Aug 15, 2011
Fantastic news! god is great! :)

by Rellyrell, Aug 15, 2011
CONGRATS!!! I'm so happy for you!!! What have you been going by the way??

by MrsPincince, Aug 15, 2011
Congrats girl...GOD IS GOOD:) Happy healthy 9 mos

by laci25, Aug 15, 2011
Congratulations!  God is definitely good!  I have always found it so much easier to put all my trust in Him and let Him handle the job!  Congratulations again, and I hope your pregnancy goes well! :)

by echoecho9er, Aug 15, 2011
Such a great great story, I really needed to read that right now so thank you so much for sharing the story of your blessing!  Oh and CONGRATULATIONS GIRL!!!!

by powerful5, Aug 15, 2011
Congratulation! God is good. that was such a wonderful story, I had to post a comment. ThankS for sharing. Hope you have a healthy 9months.

by MrsREID, Aug 15, 2011
Thank you all so much!!!!!

by mumuvtwogrlz, Aug 15, 2011

by loved29, Aug 16, 2011

by rmmoye, Aug 16, 2011
Congrats!!! God is amazing and he knows us best. Great faith.

by mababy79, Aug 16, 2011

by MrsREID, Aug 16, 2011
Thanks guys

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