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Hystercotomy is Done

Sep 03, 2011 - 0 comments

I had my hysteroctomy on Monday August 29th,2011 its so weird to say that at 25yrs old I am healing well haing lots of pain looks to be about 8 weeks full recover from this I am on hormones which are not to bad since my hysteroctomy i have not had 1 hot flash like i did before it all came outso it looks like i may have been going though menopause early so good thing it is out. My husband and I are looking to adopt in the very near future and i would like to adopt a little girl so thats one thing i am looking forward to doing. My husband has been so supportive in this whole thing and i am so blessed to have him im my life. I can't wait for life to be normal again and i can learn to deal with what life has given me. :)

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