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Funny DH

Sep 19, 2011 - 8 comments

My DH is so funny, he said to me: I think you are pregnant! I ask why do you say that? He says because you have pregnant FARTS!!!! HA HA HA!!! I dont even know where he knew the knows the difference between farts.

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1580318 tn?1452015597
by Shannon79, Sep 19, 2011
LOL pregnant farts?!?!?! WTH?

1742167 tn?1436475320
by heather727, Sep 19, 2011
You never know... when I was pregnany with my MC last year, my husband told me after my BFP that he thought I was pregnant for a week already.  I was completely clueless and never saw it coming.  My fingers are crossed for you that your hubby is clairvoyant!! :)

1680047 tn?1468915429
by bebe2011, Sep 19, 2011
Me too!!!

1152782 tn?1451105026
by ConnieG, Sep 19, 2011
Oh my gosh. That's hilarious! Hope he's right!!

Avatar f tn
by mamaof4410, Sep 19, 2011
LOL I had the farts sooooo bad with this past pregnancy. You could smell them for a good 30 minutes was hilarious!

1680047 tn?1468915429
by bebe2011, Sep 19, 2011
That's funny!!!

1748995 tn?1427338464
by JennyB0125, Sep 19, 2011
LOL that's too funny!!  I hope hubby is right about your "pregnant farts"  lol  Keep us posted...on if you get a BFP...not the farts!!  lol

1680047 tn?1468915429
by bebe2011, Sep 20, 2011
I will, thank you

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