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Who Do You Trust?

Oct 10, 2011 - 2 comments

More than a year ago, I wrote an article on the same subject and unfortunately it is time to write another one.  The next Presidential election is a little over a year away and the Republicans have been holding their debates to determine who will represent it in the next election.  Initially, Governor Romney was the leader for months, and then Governor Perry entered and he became the leader.  The straw poll in Iowa had Michelle Bachman leading, and then the straw poll in Florida had Herman Cain a huge winner.  New Jersey Governor Christie was encouraged to enter the race.  There does not seem to be a lack of personnel who desire to become our next President, while who is leading depends on the day.
The poll numbers for our current President Obama continue to fall, and there is some discontent from his own party.  Unlike the discontent from the right because of the growth of government and the endless spending, the left is upset because the President has not moved far enough to the left.  Unions are angry because he has not implemented “card check” that would give union implementation a great advantage.  Environmentalists are upset because he has not been able to pass “cap and trade”.  Other groups are upset because he has not ended the war in Afghanistan and Iraq and started one in Libya.

The next election will determine if we continue along the current road of spending and government growth or do we change direction and return to the role of limited government and individual empowerment.  If our founding fathers were present there would be no surprise which direction they would choose.  Remember, they added the first ten amendments to restrict the government.  The Bill of Rights restricted the government not individuals.  They knew that as government grew, individual rights restricted.

Trust is something that must be earned and it must be earned on a daily basis.  Think about the many individuals that you have been associated with over the years.  I can think of some that I would not trust as far as I could throw them and then there are others that I bet my life on.   Combat separates the men from the boys.  Trust is key.  Each time that I get together with some of my comrades from combat, we tell war stories about both hairy and funny events.  We talk about all sorts of things, but mostly about friends and what they meant to us.

When I look at at some of the news reports about politicians or businessmen doing stupid and illegal things, I just wonder who were their heroes and models.  Does money mean that much?  Obviously, it does.  This next election is critical.   It will determine which direction we will go as a country.  Will it be with continued reckless spending and growth of government or will it be the opposite.  The final contenders from each political party will give us a chance to determine WHO DO YOU TRUST.  Before you cast your vote make sure that your choice is one that you trust.

Colonel Don Myers

USMC (ret.)

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by margypops, Oct 10, 2011 sure is a dilemma this next election..I swing between one then another , it will definatly be my gut that tells me before Nov 2012 ... as a tea Partier it will be the way most of us will go .I would have liked to have seen Sarah Palin in as nominee but between the left wing radicals and the media she has been desecrated along  with her young family she isn't running...Bachman is getting a lot of the same ...maybe Americans are not ready for a woman president we must vote in whoever in my opinion will remove the 'person'  in office now and make sure he is not able to stay in for another 4 years to drag America into the Abyss...further ..

535822 tn?1443980380
by margypops, Oct 10, 2011
So ..if it keeps going the way it is it will be ..for me ..a choice of Cain and Perry ...

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