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Dec 04, 2011 - 0 comments




i believe it is the other people who have a disease seeing how they constantly want you to be like them and you have to do everything they want or you are not normal, people need to realize  that everyone is different and you cant make an army of robot' s that act the same and do the same thing' s  just because they act and think differently.Humans are not designed to be the same as each other  like insects and animals,  if you try to control something that has the exact same right' s as you do and put your self higher then them they will rebel because no one truly has the right to do this, we have the choice to do whatever we want so why is a school system just based on the same thing' s all the time so you can get a job that was made by someone else and thought up by a different group of people who are not the same as me in any way but image, so i can become the robot you want me to be, no thank you, it is society that need's to come to grip' s that people are different and have to stop being so obsessive on '' trying to fix us''  because i will just look at you and see that their is something wrong and ''you need to be fixed'' the day we learn to not point out problems and work together is the day the world will change and ADD will be something of the past, it is YOU who is holding us back because YOU are not willing to give up on trying to change everyone else because they are not like you and move forward like a normal human would. i am Adley Jouar and i have ADD and i am proud of it.

Adley Jouar.

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