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IVF# 3  BFP!!

Dec 29, 2011 - 16 comments

I'm nauseous, have headaches, back pain, totally exhausted, 4 positive HPT and not to mention a positive BETA!!! Why do I feel in shock and a little pessimistic?  Although I have a low BETA , I know God will carry me through nine months. I guess I am still a little in shock because we're so accustomed to hearing “sorry the pregnancy test was negative". Well ,the RE says "Oh you have a beautiful uterus" so I know baby will be fine!!


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by Marlene76, Dec 29, 2011
I was just reading on another site about a woman who had a beta of 42 at 11dp3dt and she is now 29 weeks along and doing great!  You'll be fine!! Congrats!!!!!

by tones99, Dec 29, 2011
that is such exciting news .. congrats honey .. betas have to start somewhere and it's not the number but the doubling that counts .. here's to a happy healthy pregnancy!

by butterflybabies, Dec 29, 2011
I know how you feel. I am in shock myself this is my 2nd ivf but my 1st with this new clinic. I didn't even make it to transfer last time. I guess my shock is that it worked. My re thinks our problem was all my previous pregnancies were in my tubes and that was our only issue. I am very happy but guarded because I know all the bad that could happen. But we have to be positive and whatever will be will be. It's out of my hands. I can only send positive vibes to my baby and hope this will be my take home baby. I will keep you in my prayers!! Big hugs sweety!

by melimeli, Dec 29, 2011
wow so many congrats to you!!!!

by adgal, Dec 29, 2011
Huge congratulations to you!!!  And I absolutely love that attitude!  It will be ok.  Happy New Year to you, what a wonderful way to begin 2012! xoxo

by TAGLAS, Dec 29, 2011
Yes ladies this is an awesome way to bring in the New Year  !!! God I'm so happy right now. Thank you for your support!!! I did a little more research on low beta's and found that YES baby will be ok.

Thank you GOD!!!

by Sherri90049, Dec 29, 2011
Congratulations, sweetie! I love all this good news!!!

by TAGLAS, Dec 30, 2011
Thank you Sherri!!! Sending you some baby dust:)


by journey2motherhood, Dec 30, 2011

by hopeitworks, Dec 30, 2011
My 1st beta at 12dp3dt was 44.8, and at day 14 it only went to 62, it wasnt til day 16 that I went to 130, then day 19 I was at 566. And as you know I am 33w5d along :)
So happy for you!!

by Shannon79, Dec 30, 2011
YAY!!!!! So happy for you!!

We'll be preggo buddies!!

by retta483, Dec 30, 2011
congrats sweetie :)

by TAGLAS, Dec 30, 2011
Thank you ladies for the encouraging words!!!!!  It’s very comforting to know that many of the women on MH started w/ low betas and are currently pregnant or have beautiful babies.  I took another HPT and the line is darker than ever LOL. I still want to take the clear blue easy just to see the words PREGNANT. I feel so much better today with the exception of a poor appetite. Don't want to eat anything but cream of potato soup and crackers. I can't believe how nauseous I am already. I drank a protein shake to supplement my poor appetite.

Thank you ladies for supporting me through this exciting adventure!!!


by Hopeful4aBlessing, Jan 02, 2012
Thank you for the kind note of encouragement! a BIG CONGRATS TO YOU!! PRaying for your sticky bfp to stay!!! :) Hang in there!!! :)

by TAGLAS, Jan 03, 2012
Thank you hopeful!!! 2nd beta today, I'm  a little nervous but positive. I will keep everyone posted :)

by Tracy722, Mar 07, 2012
It's day 7 with a 5 dpt of 2 grade one donor fresh eggs.  My second IVF (1st my eggs) I'm scheduled Friday for my doctors pregnancy test but I'm dieing to do a hpt? Anyone else take a HPT early and was it accurate?  THanks!!

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