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IVF#3 2ND BETA 418 YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jan 03, 2012 - 19 comments

New Years day was very FRIGHTEN for DH and I. I started spotting brownish and red d/c that really freaked me out. I pretty much thought this was the start of M/C. I mmediately ran to my buddies on med help to chat about what I was experiencing. Of course I was told not to worry and that spotting and bleeding is very common. So, I calmed down went to bed and woke up to red/brownish DC w/ clotting. OMG did I panic! I just knew this pregnancy was over. I had doubt and lost a little faith the day I heard my BETA was only 32. I cried and prayed all day yesterday and slept w/ a small bible on my tummy. Poor DH even asked god to let him be his lamb to spare his unborn.

ALL along, the beta was rising!!!! Although  pessimistic, deep down I knew god would carry us through.  I'M PREGNANT !!!!!!!!!!  :)

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by sisi2399, Jan 03, 2012
Yay!!!! Omg im so happy.  I know the feeling of finding blood.  I have been stalking your page and praying your results were good and they are.  Yay!!! You are pregnant!!!!! thank you God!!!!

by plumber43, Jan 03, 2012
I'm so happy for you!

by mlward3, Jan 03, 2012
Yay!!! Congratulations,  im sooooo happy for you and dh!!!

by tones99, Jan 03, 2012
I too have been stalking you and am just so happy to read this!! that is such a fantastic result and I know how happy you must be .. I look forward to lots more good reports.

Your first beta was pretty early wasn't it?  My clinic holds off on first betas as they say that they're often low and worry women unnecessarily .. that if you wait just a few more days the numbers do a big jump up .. and that is exactly what has happened to you!  Yay for those rising numbers!!!

by journey2motherhood, Jan 03, 2012
That is an excellent beta # - congrats!! I'm so happy for you.  

by Des_a_rae, Jan 03, 2012
Wooohooo wonderful news!!  AWw I'm sure that was super scary but sooo glad you got wonderful numbers!!  Congratulations hun!!

by TAGLAS, Jan 03, 2012
I'm Ecstatic!!! I truly thank each and everyone of you for thinking of me. You ladies have really made a difference and changed my out look on social networking LOL.  I'm not on facebook, never did myspace or any other social networking site. I'm so happy I found you girls.  


by melimeli, Jan 03, 2012
so so happy for you!!!  poor dh sounds like a very sweet man!

by beddajess, Jan 03, 2012
Oh my gosh that was so scary!! I am so glad to read that everything is okay... Keeping you in my prayers always my dear MH friend =)


Jess xoxo

by TAGLAS, Jan 03, 2012
Thanks Jess !! what a trying experience. I really appreciate the well wishes!!! :0


by Loveday511, Jan 04, 2012
Such great news. Woop  Woop!! So happy all is enjoy you HH9M!!!!

by rbohl01, Jan 04, 2012
Awesome News!!!! So happy for you and hubby =)

by TAGLAS, Jan 04, 2012
Thanks ladies!!!! I'm so excited :)

by mhv, Jan 04, 2012
We are excited for you!!! :)

by JoJo629, Jan 04, 2012
im so happy for you!  Ive been stalking you as well  =)

by hopeitworks, Jan 04, 2012
YAY!! This is fabulous news. I am so happy for you.

by Shannon79, Jan 04, 2012
Fantastic news!!!!

So glad everything is working out for you! You deserve this!

Congrats hun! :)

by zara2011, Jan 04, 2012
That's absolutely brilliant news!!!!! I'm so happy for u and relieved that your bleeding wasnt due 2 miscarrying. I pray your little beans sticks super strong 2 u mummy! U have put a huge smile on my face and I think u have restored my faith... After 2 m/cs in 2011 my faith has taken a huge dint but u are proof that dreams do come true. I'm positive we will be blessed this year. If its meant for u it won't go past u!!! Enjoy the eventful months ahead and ur motherhood journey :)) x

by TAGLAS, Jan 04, 2012
Thank you ladies!!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR LOL.......................

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