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"My Experiences Tragedies Challenges & Surgeries"

Jan 09, 2012 - 0 comments

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Ovarian Cancer


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Hello my name is Kathleen Potters i am 24yrs old born Sep 2 1987,,,
i gave birth to my wonderful daughter in Sep 6 2010... she is beautiful!!!...
i had a Left breast Cyst removal that was benigh in was successful...
i had to have an Abortion in January 2009...i had problems and i wish i didnt have to...
i had a Cryo surgery for my uterus wall in was successful...

Now i have a wonderful husband, married May 7 2010... i have a 4yo daughter from my exbf name Kaylee Chayanne who lives with me n my hubby... my husband have a 4yo daughter too who lives in Philippines name Ashlee Jade from his exgf..

My husband & i conceived identical twin boys July 25th 2011 but unfortunately they were too young to survive at 5months... Jaden Ken was stillborn & Kaden Ben was born premature and only took a breath...we were devastated, angry, depressed, no words can discribe the pain in our hearts...

After a few months we found out that i have a huge Dermoid Cyst growing around my Left Ovary which was the cause of all my pain and discomfort... We had doctors appointments and an MRI test done to me and my doctor decided that we need to have the huge dermoid cyst removed... At first he ware going to try n remove the cyst around my ovary but now unfortunately trying to save the left ovary is too we decided to remove my left ovary instead...i have a Pre-Op appt tomorrow at 8am... and i will have my surgery on Jan 13th 2012...

i am so scared i hope that my right ovary will not be affected and that it will go on... i am really sad after my loss and i still would like to give my husband a baby... i really want a baby boy... I hope all my nightmares would end after this surgery...the day is almost here and im scared im anxious to know the results i am super scared of the pains i will go through and im hopeful that my surgery will be successful and my right ovary will be okay... so much in my mind that its driving me insane... i have gone through alot lately that im hoping my luck will turn around...

i just found this site and ive read about brave women who has gone through some of the tragedies i went through...this site is very helpful for women like me...
i am eager to know more informations about undergoing a Ovary removal...
pls advice and comment...
thank you so much and goodluck to all...
"I have faith in you for you are my savior"
God Bless All

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