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Baby Names I <3

Feb 15, 2012 - 11 comments

baby names


Quinn will definitely be our baby's middle name.  But as for a first name, SYdney is the only one on my list that DH likes at all, and it''s probably my least favorite.  Really wish I could talk him into Saylor. <3

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by retta483, Mar 16, 2012
I love saylor but my DD plans on naming her dd when she has one. she is only 16 now so saylor will have to wait :)

by wakejl, Mar 16, 2012
I like Sienna!

by adgal, Mar 16, 2012
I actually quite like your list..boy that's no help is  My fav's would be Amari, Amaya and Tierney.  So pretty.  I also love Saylor.  Who knows, maybe your DH will come around.  Nice choices though.  

by tones99, Mar 16, 2012
Just had to pop in and say that I have 2 of your names on my list .. I love Sienna and also Amari .. I know an Indian girl called Amari who is so beautiful and sweet that that name has always stuck in my head.  They are all nice choices although I'm with you in that Sydney would be my least favourite being that it is the city I live in!!

by Shyladybaby27, Mar 16, 2012
Sienna sounds beautiful

by jenkaye21, Mar 22, 2012
Thanks for the feedback, ladies!  DH and I haven't discussed this for a while... I'm not even sure which is MY favorite at this point! LoL  I've kinda put it out of my mind.  Better decide, though- baby is due in 12 days!  Her room is all ready, except for her name on the wall..... :)

by retta483, Mar 22, 2012
I had a friend who Diddent name her DD for a week !  They called her baby for a week  She later became Candice . Hope you two can agree on a name :)

by Houston79, Mar 22, 2012
Amiah is my daughter's name so of course I'm partial!  Also, I really like Sienna because we visited the most beautiful little town in Tuscany Italy called Siena.  My husband told me there is a mini van by that name, but I don't care, its gorgeous!!!!

by jenkaye21, Mar 22, 2012
LoL about the minivan... I had forgotten about that until we pulled up behind one one day.  Funny thing is, my youngest son's name is Cooper, so it would almost seem to be a theme with us.... LoL

by GP82100, Mar 25, 2012
My daughters names are gisselle yvette, daniella isabel, and the one thats due will be rilyn gabrielle. :)

by jenkaye21, Mar 31, 2012
Saylor Quinn it is! DH gave in after my hellacious labor, lol, just as i was hoping...;)

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