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February 21 Update

Feb 21, 2012 - 1 comments

















Healthy living

Weighed in today at 151.5 ~ That's a 4.5 loss in a little over a week.

It feels good.

On a non-exercise note... I ended my 4-year relationship on Saturday night, the 18th. I feel like my motivation to change my eating and exercise has spread to other portions of my life and made me realize that I had to change this unhappy part of my life. I still love him but he is not on the same journey as me. I want to change things in my life, to reach goals that I have... he is so sedentary and stuck where he is with no goals and no forward momentum.

Good riddance. I am both relieved and sad but trying hard not to let the fact that he simply accepted the breakup versus trying to keep me drop my confidence or dent my self-esteem.

I still went to the gym on Sunday (saturday was a rest day, so was Sunday but I went anyway) and went to the gym yesterday as well (had the day off of work, woop) and did the first day of my second week of Jaime Eason's LiveFit program. Proud of myself that I didn't let my down mood stop me from working out.

I also did my batch cooking for the week last night... lean chicken breasts, hard boiled eggs; and I bought sweet potatoes and veggies to snack on.

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by Kieshart, Feb 06, 2013
I'm inspired!

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