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Second Chance

Mar 11, 2012 - 0 comments

After all the test the surgery heart cath blood work. It is determined I have sarcoidosis. Went to a specialist in Cinci, OH. All the meds available I am allergic to prednisone. and the rest have side effects that are worse trhan dealing with the disease and would not shorten it anyways. So been researching. I need to totally change my mindset on the way I see food. I am afraid how hard its going to be. But, I dont  want to staay this sick for years. Doc said on average 2-3 years. I cannot breathe well if I even walk. Housework really stresses my breathing and my body. Everytime I eat I am sick my stomach is so swollen from all the Very enlarged organs especially my liver.  I joinmed a sarcoidosis support group online. After reading the stories of people that have had the disease for a while and talking to 2 people  on my facebook that have had it. I see that a change in eating and mybe even herbal treatments must tbe the best way to go. Apparently gluten free diet is one of the best things to relieve the symptoms with the stomach. Oh, so very hard this may be for me. The pasta is good. The bread not so much and it has a shelf life for over a year! says not to put in toaster it may catch fire? No pre packaged, processed foods. No foods with dye in them or preservative.Eat lots of vegies, with a protien OR a starch for each meal not both. More later...

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