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Irritability is Through the Roof

Mar 30, 2012 - 2 comments

painkiller addiction







Two weeks - yay!! But - I'm so irritated with everything all of the time. And my shoulder hurts. And I am soooooo tempted to take a pill it's unbelievable. I want to be sunny & cheerful again! I'm exercising my *** off but it doesn't seem to be improving my mood. Is this normal??? Would 2 little pills really be so bad if they took the pain away??? I know - 2 leads to a handful which leads straight back to dependency. But, God, help me, I am so tempted & I can feel myself weakening.

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Avatar m tn
by EZ1076, Mar 30, 2012
DONT DO IT... the hardest part is now knowing you are clean and thinking that you have beaten it and justifying doing some, believe me I really want to go back as well but have you really beaten the addiction if you are sitll craving and you go back to the drug, think about how ****** you felt, you would basically be resetting the clock and will ultimately just be back on day 1 of withdraws looking at another long and miserable two weeks ahead of you, you have come so far dont fall back now!!

You are stronger than this!! Keep busy and keep up the good work,and remember you can lie to everyone but yourself

Avatar f tn
by Littlelegs2003, Mar 30, 2012
Good advice & you are right. The addiction hasn't gone anywhere. It's just a craving - I need to keep telling myself that!! Thanks. :-) Am off to cook - that'll use up some time & is productive.

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