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day 23

Apr 05, 2012 - 3 comments





clinical trials



Woke up this morning after a deep 8 and a half hour sleep (very unusual for me) feeling like a million dollars. It sure feels like I'm UND. I felt filled with good energy, humor, relaxation and vitality after a generally pretty blah previous week. That old Hep C is one tricky and unpredictable customer! But I'm feeling optimistic that the sucker has sung his swan song and disappeared into the sunset, hopefully never to return.

Fascinating news re the upcoming Int'l Liver Congress. It seems the preliminary results from the 24 week version of our bms/7977 trial are 'THE most anticipated data presentation at EASL.' The whole (liver) world's watching!

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by Jimeeboy, Apr 05, 2012
It is amazing.  I'm so happy for you.  Enjoy this beautiful day!

by gonnabhepcfree, Apr 05, 2012
Oh, Happy Day!!  Can't wait for you to post your UND..

by UKgirl55, Apr 05, 2012
Very happy for you!

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