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Apr 10, 2012 - 9 comments








Im Happy To Report That Me And DH Are Gonna Start TTC In July Maybe August.. Yippee!!! I Figured Why Not Finish My Last 2 Packs Of Pills That I Already Have Here And Just Go From There. I Know It Doesnt Take Long For The Pills To Leave Your System Which Is Awesome Lol.. I Just Hope It Doesnt Take Forever For Me To Get My BFP Cause That Would S U C K Big Time Haha, Im Use To BFN's But I Want My BFP Damit Lhh.. Im Gonna Start Temping, Doing Opks And Checking My CM As Well When The Time Comes. Im Schedualed To Take My Lutera BCP's Until October Which Would Be A Year I've Been On Em But I Wasnt Gonna Take Em All The Way Until Then Cause I Knew DH And I Wanted To TTC Hella Bad Lol So We Figured Why Not Give It Another Go. I Just Hope And Pray I Get My BFP Soon, Im So Ready To Post On Here "I FINALLY GOT MY BFP" Lmao.. I Got Faith And I Know My Mom Whose Up In Heaven, Is Gonna Bless Me And My Hubby With A Baby Soon I Just Know It In My Heart!! Wish Us Luck As We Embark On This TTC Journey Yet Once Again.. SSBD To My MH Sistahs Out There ♥

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1679244 tn?1375245159
by midget89, Apr 10, 2012
Good luck on your TTC Journey!!!!!!!!!!! SSBD to you

1045727 tn?1452963047
by Vantom, Apr 11, 2012
thanks hun ♥

1679244 tn?1375245159
by midget89, Apr 11, 2012
your so welcome! <3

1544968 tn?1395192578
by leillani, Apr 11, 2012
Welcome on board and good luck on your journey! :o)

1676653 tn?1391043545
by a_waiting_butterfly81, Apr 11, 2012
Yayyyyyy sis. I wish you the best on your ttc journey! :-) you deserve it and I hope you get your bfp soon. SSBD TO YOU!!

1045727 tn?1452963047
by Vantom, Apr 11, 2012
thanks sistahs.. ssbd y'alls way  ♥

1351078 tn?1416316746
by retta483, Apr 11, 2012
Yay ! Great News :)

1118332 tn?1338501396
by kelleykae, Apr 11, 2012
Yay glad you're trying again! And it will happen for you and it will feel amazing and just so surreal... Trusty me it finally just now happened for me after 2 years and 5 months of trying!

1045727 tn?1452963047
by Vantom, Apr 11, 2012
thanks girls i really hope this is me and dh's year!! ♥

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