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Nov 21, 2008 - 2 comments





Genital Herpes





I want to first say thank you doctors for viewing and give the best of your knowledge this is a great service thank you.
I have recently been diagnoced with Genital HSV-1 and I need some questions answered to make me feel better on the subject.

I got it from oral sex which my ex of only a couple months had a cold sore which she never knew it was the case of herpes but hormones of her birth control go figure!...and had an outbreak and went to the er for get a test blood and swab of the lesions.

1) I am wondering on the shedding rate of it, like how many days of the year in average?

2) My doctor told me that it isn't necessary to take valtrex everyday but he did prescribe it to me just in case of outbreak which he said doesn't re-accur as much on the genitals with hsv-1. ? Should I take my doctors advice?

3) I am currently dating this wonderful girl and I did mention it to her out of the best of my knowledge. But Its mentally during when we are intimate I keep thinking of it. She always says can we take off the condom? And I keep telling her I don't want to chance it cause I care for her a-lot. Is there ever a time where I could go unprotected? or am I really being paranoid a-lot.

4) Does it go for the same as oral sex, If I receive or give. I haven't tried having oral sex with dental dam/ or having a condom I am sure it wont feel the same so I haven't done it yet since I been diagnosed but I do enjoy it for foreplay. and also how about mutual masturbation?

5) Can it be spread on towels and also soap?

I just need these answered so this weight on my shoulders of nervousness is gone.

Thank you a-lot to all who participates.

Have a great day.

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by jklmemo, Sep 27, 2010
I am going through the same situation. I was diagnosed with HSV I on genitals. My boyfriend has HSV orally. So I figured I got it from him. Now i want to know the average of outbreaks. I am freaking out. He doesnt really think much about it, but I cant have sex without thinking about it.

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by Claude88, Nov 13, 2010
I am also in exactly the same situation as jklmemo. Will I get the symptoms again whenever he gives me oral sex or only when he has a blister in his mouth? Thanks

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