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Facial infection / swelling and pain

Feb 16, 2008 - 3 comments

facial infection


advice wanted


facial swelling


cheek pain

About 10 days ago, I began experianceing pressure on what I thought was my upper jaw.  I believed this to be a dental problem.  I made a dentist visit, and the dentist found 3 small cavities.  The dentist fixed the cavities, but informed me that they were to shallow in size to have caused me pain.  The pain and swelling increased to my lower jaw, and I went to ER at 2am as I was unable to sleep from the pain.  The on-call physician perscribed amoxicillin 875mg / 2 per day.  Also, I received propoxphene for pain, which works well. The swelling continued into my ear and eye by the following day (today), and I was in great discomfort, so I went to a local "express-care" facility for a second opinion.  The doc changed my med from amoxicillin to Levaquin 500mg / 1 per day.  The persistant pressure in my face is driveing me absolutely nuts.  Any advice????  Would an IV of antibiotics be better? What should i do?

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Avatar n tn
by greybird, Feb 17, 2008
I have the same problem and it has spread into my nose and upper lip - Cannot be tooth problem as I have had complete dentures for 15 years. I had a small bump that was sore then it spread to both ears - now at my nose and upper lip & cannot eat anything but soup. Have been through the amoxacillin and cephalexin - completed 10 days of leviquine and still in pain. If anything helps you, please email me at ***@****

Avatar m tn
by randomtasker, Feb 17, 2008
I am feeling a bit better.  Proper diet despite the pain is helpful.  Also, I deviated from doctors orders and I am now takeing BOTH of the antibiotics at once, as I was supposed to drop one and begin the other.  I hope you have a good pain med.  I was perscribed darvistat? I believe it was called. I got the generic equivilant, but it works wonders.  My latest trip to the clinic called my condition maxillary sinusitus.  As I understand it, the "snot" gets caught in the hollow space just to the side of my nose, and for one reason or another, it grew thick, and became infected.  The infection causes swelling -very painful swelling which also causes skin irritation (like a zit) and an ear ache and eye ache.  Aside from a good pain med, ust stick to your antibiotics and keep a vaporizer or humidifier in your home.  Vics has been helpful too.  Don't get me wrong, my nose is clear, but the moisture in the air seems to soften the mucus that is stuck behind my cheek. Best of luck, I'm in this with you graybird...

Avatar m tn
by randomtasker, Mar 13, 2008
My pain and infection returned a couple weeks after the antibiotics were used up.  I went to my dentist, and there was a tooth with a hairline fracture all the way through it.  The dentist after examineing it, said the tooth was my problem.  I had not even realized I cracked it.  He said this is a frequent problem with people who chew ice. (Which I do, (did)) If you are haveing what seems to be a facial infection, do yourself a favor and see your dentist. My tooth didn't hurt much, so I didn't know it was broken until the dntist found it with magnifing equipment.  the tooth then had to be pulled. Don't think your teeth is the problem? Get them checked anyway.

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