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Jun 19, 2012 - 0 comments

Biting Bugs


crawling itchy scalp and body







I am doing the things i need to do to rid myself of this infection.I cant say for sure right this sec.But i dont see the crusted sticky matter glued to my hair.My hair is not crusty like gummy.I am glad that i keep doing the head over the sink and throw away the gloves and wash cloth each time.This infection it is alot of pain,suffering,time and money.I say to any one.If you have had this for 30 years get the T/sal shampoo at Target or online target.For once now my hair is not pressed down and crusty.Al though i had a worm whip the back of my skull last night.It hurt me some.I figure that if i scratch my scalp i am screwed.It stopped whipping and i did removed a worm from my skull by running my finger with latex on my hands ofcourse.I feel that if any insect lands on a person head with this.This will mutate into another unknown parasite>Super Bug.Just to see the maggot come out of my back of ear and the fly before that.Blew my mind.Key factor is to do over bathroom sink taking time to do it right.I read how  woman got into a tub and used laundry detergent and it left her.Well i say to that is:If you had this woman,I really doubt you due to the fact it takes some work and time to rid yourself.If even we can be free from this?Maybe she got a blessing from God and he cured her.Or maybe people react different while infected?I have to push forward and try to atleast rid myself of this .If that happens i will be sure to write a 5-6 page on my journal on every part of what i did to rid myself.I see a man moved but was infected.It is really hard when we are the host of this.Many Doctors refusee to listen i see others blogging about it.Do they know about it?The matter is i need to be liberated from it as well as many others.I feel in my heart.I was not born with it.So it has no right to me.This has changed my life as far as travel and hotel rooms and general popul .The parasite has changed why i feel this way.I did a experi with black hose on my scalp.Yes,It makes a difference in color.I don't know why.But it has to be nude in color so i am left alone to sleep at night.Maybe it feels the nude is my scalp too?Have no clue at all.But color has something to do with it in pantyhose.

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