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Microscoptic Parasite Fungi/

Jun 29, 2012 - 0 comments







Microscotic Parasite

I eat three yougurts a day and try to avoid meats.I have lost alot of weight.My friend has told me as of yesterday that when she got back from the hotel she could feel something move up to her face like a wave.But it was in the back of her head.I do remember that i felt hat too but was on the right of my face like a wave.That is long gone from me.She had refused treatment of any kind.Even her face she get blotchey and biten.I told her to just try the T/sal shampoo and she could see more bugs come off her scalp.They don't like the T/sal shampoo at all.I do remember that i would have a wave come up and down my legs.On time i felt it leave me and go down the drain.Then i heard a crash sound and in five minutes something landed on my scalp in the old place i lived.That is why i know its air born.I use T/sal on my body with latex and remember i would never imerse in water.I know know that putting my head in water it will slime on me.I do see a small hole behind my ear.It  looks like the size of a small pen like the pen we us every day.It looks like it ate some thru my ear.I know i am a sane woman in the usa.I know that the doctor's cant figure out what parasite it is.They have samples of it.I know that my friends looks like a flea cat and dog cross bread.Some super bug as she watched it carry another bug on its back with great strength.I feel this is from the Amazon and some one brought it back.I wen to a site and saw others wasting away with this disease and it made me sad.I see the impact on many life's.It made me sad and upset at the same time.

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