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ADDERALL OVERDOSE/ addiction?! can death result?!!?

Feb 29, 2008 - 23 comments

I know someone that I care about dearly who takes 25 mg of Adderall a day for ADD. The other night she was taking pills like candy and going insane with them and just swallowing them. She took about 280 -300 mg of adderall all in less than a couple of hours was basically like on speed. She is 120 pounds, 16 years old and is about 5'4''.  She couldnt eat and was having panic attacks, and puked, but refused to get help. She wouldnt let me help her and i was afraid of her. She crashed later about 24 hours after her last pill and slept for 13 hours. Then when she woke up on Thursday she went to school without taking her 25 mg cause her heart was still pumping. At school she realized that she was having hot sweats and her heart was still pumping hard, hard breathing (just a little bit) and severely depressed. Later that night she had like anger problems and went to bed and slept for another 13 hours. Waking up that morning she felt so fatigue and depressed still and couldnt take it anymore. So depressed to the point of commiting suicide. so she took her ADD pill and she feels a little jittery and heart is still racing.  She says she feels okay now and happier. But she has an appt. with her physciatrist today and I am afraid of her getting a higher dose. What do I do?! Can She die if this is continued. Please. Do i need to get her medical help? She wanted the 11 pills of Adderall to wear off from Tuesday but she couldn't go long without her pills without being super depressed. How can she over come this?! What can i do to help?!?! Please an advice!!

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by Schnydly, Feb 29, 2008
Adderall is for people with ADD to help them concentrate at rather small doses.  It sounds like your friend took way too many pills and she is still reacting so why would the doctor give her a higher dose?  From my own personal knowledge, I have never heard of Adderall being used as an anti-depressent.  ADD is a powerful drug, much like Ritalin, which works like speed in your system.  I can't understand why her doctor would increase her dosage.  If the psychiatrist is a good one, he would be very cautious about her medicines especially since her depression seems to be getting worse.     What you could do to help would be to join your friend at her psych. appointment if she would allow you to come, and make it known that she took this overdose, the # of pills and when.  Or you could try to leave the dr. a message to this effect prior to the appt.  Something does not sound right to me, however, that any dr. would prescribe Adderall for depression as that is not what it should be used for.  Just a thought, but maybe the drug is being misused.  I wish your friend well and know that the dr. will help her.

by arianabee123, Feb 29, 2008
thank you so much

by charmedman18, Apr 03, 2008
Actually, Adderall is used as a last resort from SSRI's and NSRI's for severe depression. I, myself never responded to any of those medicines, and have ADHD. When I take Adderall, I am WAY less depressed, am a lot more sociable. Although I have no prescription at the moment for it, I will soon. I have even told my mom about my taking of the drug without a scrip, and she feels a lot better about putting me on it than she did before because she saw me while on it, not knowing why, but noticing how much better I looked, and seemed to feel. I
usually don't abuse this drug, but today was a little different. I took probably 90mgs over a 12-hour period. I only did this since I am yet a teenager, and was feeling very experimental. The effect I feel is just stronger than normal, but nothing euphoric like people who do not have ADHD or ADD describe when they take it. After today, I won't have any Adderall until I have my appointment with the Dr., but I never plan on trying to get high on it again since it didn't work in doing just that.... And that's a good thing, I think. That way I won't feel the need to take a high dose and run out my prescription too soon or anything. Taking a normal dose for what I need (Around 40mgs), is all I need to retain focus and feel better in general.

When starting my prescription, I will definitely start taking the vitamins I've read that are recommended to prevent any neurotoxicity that can be caused by taking Amphetamine salts on a daily basis.
Anyway, about your friend, she shouldn't be on Adderall if she is abusing it to this point. That is a ridiculous amount to take, and she's lucky she didn't go into cardiac arrest or have any other serious health issue that usually is attributed with taking this kind of dose, which is well over the overdose level. Do try to help her. She may be defiant, you may even lose a friend if she finds out. But at least you will lose her over her own well-being, and not her untimely death caused by an overdose of a drug that is easily overdosed on.

by WishOnAStar22, Jul 03, 2008
You know you can petition her to a psych ward which would bring the problem out in the open. THen her doctor would know what she did.

by WishOnAStar22, Jul 04, 2008
I did this too for a few months until the irregular heart beats had me thinking IM GOING TO DIE. This **** will kill you in amounts that high. Dont underestimate it. Your heart can get over worked, confused and stop beating. Then you cease to exist. Worth it?

by JC321, Nov 03, 2008
I myself was a teenager when i took this pill for the first time in my life.....i do not have ADHD  or ADD..... one of my friends told me that it was just an anti depressent pill that would help me feel better after getting out of a one year relationship with my ex gf.....i took the pill and felt way better, more sociable and felt like doing lots of excercise. so me being 17, young and stupid at the time decided to go ahead and keep taking one every 3 hours....before i knew it me and my friend had stayed up for 3 dayz and on the third day i woke up and took one for the last time on an empty stomach.....which was a big mistake....i went home and took a hot shower and about half way through it i started feeling light headed and i got out....and then my heart started racing very very very fast and my chest got very light and numbing at first i thought wow i just took one too many pills and it will wear off....i tried to lay down but it didnt help so finally two hours later i went to the hospital with my mom....they took my pulse and it was 170 BPM!! they just looked at me and asked if i had anxiety....i said no not that i knew they had me wait in the waiting room for like and the time i got in a room it had slowed down....but my ekg wasnt fully they set up heart tests to be done but i was so stupid and felt a lil better since the pills wore off so i skipped the tests....the next week i didnt feel so bad but now slowly ive been having episodes where my heart will start racing on its own agian out of control "WITHOUT TAKING ANY PILLS AT ALL" also my heart beat TO ME feels irregular.....ive been having small twitches in all different muscles......but ive had 3 different ekgs and blood tests done since then and all came back normal even when my heart was racing....then i had a heart ultra sound done that came back normal even though the guy that took it said my heart beat was back and forth and to him didnt seem normal and also the last complaint is that it seems like ive been feeling a sort of pulsating beat in my stomach which is me all my symtoms seem different and dont pan out....i had started smoking before the major pill incident but now if i try to smoke one as soon as i inhaled my heart rate starts going up....even though its bad for me i still know this cant be normal....the docs say its sympotoms of major anxiety and maybe depression....does ne body have an idead of what it could be?  

by asklarz, Dec 06, 2008
adderall causes major depression. i know i am a victim of it. i mean it gives your just major depression with no reason behind it to bad that u want to die. n think about it all the time. its the only thing i hate about adderall.. it really messes with your mental health and your emotions. and u cant sontrol them. its very scary

by asklarz, Dec 06, 2008
i also got siagnosed with classic add when i wsa in 6th grade which was 16 yerars ago n its only gotten worse. it sux cause im in college n i cant function with out the adderall but its ruining n screwing up my li8fe. i drive people away n hate meself on it

by itdefinesme, Jul 01, 2009
I've taken 180 20mg pills every 2 weeks for a few months because I slowly became addicted.... I didn't kill me. I have slowed down... yeah I was double dipping doctors to get it twice the max prescribed amount... but I functioned... it was the only I can maintain a perfect home, give 200% at work and maintain a peppy demeanor... the second I ran out for two days... I crashed hard. Usually I wouldn't sleep for 48 hours go to work and manage- right now, as I'm typing this I've been up 48 hours - taken about 10.......  back to crashing hard though... I would try to wein myself off when I realized my rx was running low... but it doesnt matter... 20 hours later I can't keep my eyes open - it's a SUPER common side effect - Extreme fatigue, depression. I lose weight like a champ when I am poppin' addy - no appetite, just remember to drink a whoooole lot of fluids or you'll become tachycardic and dehydrated. Two days after I would run out of my prescription.... I'd be eating and eating - craaaazy... I was an All American Cheerleader and I was always fit and had an awesome physique... it head back to that when I'm tossing down my pills but the second I stop... its like I can't get enough to eat and ruins it.   I love that I interact and become sociable... but I've been on it since I was in 5th grade... and now I become incredibly aggressive... I've been honest with my boyfriend of 4 years regarding the adderall..its quite apparent to him... i asked him to help me by distributing my pills to me daily... I actually sneak them... I currently take 20 mg/3 times daily and usually sneak about 2 extra... sometimes more... I've gotten better since my 180 in two weeks.. that was 2 years ago.. but I still struggle... I hate to think that this may continue for the next 40 years. God help me.

by WillyWill436, Oct 06, 2009
I was also introduced to Adderall my Sophmore year of high school.  At first the pills seemed like a miracle drug.  I enjoyed studying, socializing, and taking tests.  Soon after I began to abuse them.. My body was definetly not made to accept adderall.  I would go for 2 or 3 days without eating and soon dwindled from 160 lbs to 125.  My anxiety levels became so intense that my hair would begin to fall out in clumps.  I would become so angry, so quickly. I was irrational and out of control.  about a year later I quit taking adderall and in that month i gained 35 pound!!!.  I forgot how much i enjoyed food.  I also began to remember how much I liked natural energy and not feeling like a robot. I encourage all to get the help they desire.  Get your life back, and begin to feel that happiness that the amphetamines have stolen from you.

by Jangel27, Nov 05, 2009
all i can say is that i would use adderall to study on occasion until i met my boyfriend josh back in august, he had been addicted to adderall in the past and would use it for baseball games and just to keep him feeling better. I didn't realize how badly he was addicted to it until he started having sweats all the time and would go through withdrawls from being off of it for 3 months. He was doing so good and i was extremely proud of him until one day i hadn't heard from him and that was so unusual bc we would talk everyday but i had figured maybe he was mad at me, and so i waited til the next day to call him again but still no response. that day i went to his apartment and it was obvious he was home, car was there, lights were on and no response..his best friend showed up and busted the door down and we found him in his apt already gone. later i come to find out that the police found a prescription of adderall that he had just filled the day before i dont know how many he took but it was enough to kill him. that was a day i will always replay in my head and i never will be able to look or touch adderall ever again. I know some people are prescribed to it and to the ones that do not abuse it, be careful but the ones that do abuse adderall its not a joke, its a serious matter that can in the end make you choose to do something you wouldn't have otherwise. please everyone be safe with what you decide to do because before you know it that could be you, and its awful. i blame myself i wasnt there to stop him but i guess i couldnt have changed the way he was feeling at that moment but i can help to change anyone that is feeling that way now or in the future.

by JayJay984, Jan 14, 2010
My prayers are with those we lost who will never be forgotten. As this world continues to live on it is sadly to say so will the drugs that poison it. After I lost my close friend from an overdose I felt weak and helpless because I was not helping at all to kick his addiction. It took a while to realize that my friend is in a better place and I finally was able to accept that. After time had passed I fell victim to substance abuse. Adderall is a dangerous drug to get caught up in. I think of it as white powder substance in the form of a pill because that's basically what it is. While attending college I found out about adderall and discovered how much it was able to help me with my studies. I've been diagnosed with ADD and the adderall really helped. Everyone there was addicted to procrastination, with me being the worst. The solution to that was taking adderall to pull an all nighter to study for mid-terms and finals. Then I started taking more and before I knew it I was hooked. Memories are hard to forget especially when something happens to your breathing while sweating  constantly as my heart would be going faster than Jeff Gorden races. That is what I call a suicide rush. My vision had become worse over those years and my memory was getting terrible. It didn't matter what time of day it was, whenever I could I'd be popping those pills like pez out of its dispenser. I'm also on other medication after messing up my shoulder while working. The idea doesn't cross your mind when taking more than prescribed as you think, "oh I will be fine I have a script, I'm not taking hard core street drugs", but those aren't much different. The doc hands a script over legally instead of roaming the streets packing the heat looking to make a dime any way possible. After college I slowed down on my dosage intake and started to follow my doctors dosage directions. After doing well for a while those dark clouds settled in again fogging my brain, as this past Christmas came my girl friend left. It had been an on and off relationship because of her alcohol addiction. I told her that I'll be here to help no matter what. When I would try to help that just angered her even more so she chose the booze over me. The only thing I could think of at the time to help me cope through these troubled times was to go back to the pills because it would take my mind off all the bad. A few weeks earlier, as I was laying in bed asleep after a 5 niter with out sleep, death attempted to take me away. All I remember was floating in the air looking down at my x and myself only for a second. Then went back into my body after she woke me up saying I had stopped breathing. After that I would defiantly have to put a stop to this and start back on my regular routine taking the meds the way they are supposed to be. After my girl friend left me behind, I felt the walls of hell surrounding me. Not being able to sleep for days due to the 420 MG of adderall I took to get my mind off things, I wasn't myself again. After doing some brainstorming as I tried to come up with a solution on how to kick this habit, I drove to the book store and looked up information on medication/addiction and how to put a stop to substance abuse. It's been helping but the next step is to seek help from others. If anyone needs a helping hand I'll be there. I've grown stronger and realize I do not need that poison to live a normal life. Just remember, help is always out there but if you don't speak up it will be to late.

by mar80, Feb 04, 2010
oh just to let yal no a lil something i am not prescribed to it but i do  have add and i take aderial concerta vyvanse methadate different ones what ever i can find. im 19 i weight about 180 and i take 100 mg 150mg and my heart races a lil but i have a good attitude and i focus when i take it. one day i decided i was going to take more and within a 24 hour period i took probably 300mg of concerta mixed with aderal and sure i was scared to death but all that happened is i felt like i was high and my heart raced a bit. i no its a serious drug and can harm you but i would like to no if i take about 100 mg within 24hours every so often can i be harmed? and i do use these medicines for different reasons 1 i focus and try way harder to do good in school and i do better grade y when on it 3 i do like the feeling it does give me a great buzz 3 im really social and talk not stop and i get twitchy and my mouth gets super dry and i fidget with my mouth. i like it and it help i just dont want to be harmed any advice? please tell me something i dont want it to harm me you no.

by metatronshaun, Sep 01, 2010
I recently got re-prescribed to Adderall and I am in my early 30's. I quit taken them cold turkey in my 20's because they were destroying my skin, sleep, and soul. I would chew them and get addicted to the horrible taste it gave. I thought it would help me with my music recording but it did the complete opposite (when abused). The only thing that was fun during that time was I was dating a sexy older woman who was busty to say the least, the physical relationship was incredible. While mother was on life support I vowed to quit and I did for about 10 years. I  a more mature young professional in Chicago and with my career I have a lot of responsibility, distractions, and freedom, since I work from my home remotely as a Engineer for a company in California. I recently purchased a Condo which seemed to have really affected my ability to focus at times. I think part of this is because the neighborhood I live in is filled with big city stuff, but its also close to Lake Michigan.

So after I finally get settled into my new Condo I have suffered from the inability to focus and complete complex and tedious tasks. The feeling of the pressure on working on a big deal and then having to design and create complex matrix's to quote became daunting and I decided to see someone. Well I saw someone and he put me back on Adderral after I did explain that I decided to quit voluntarily on my mothers death bed. I also told him that Hitler and the Nazi's took this drug and that I felt it might be linked to making people out of touch with life... as in being healthy, having normal sex lives, and in Nazi's case killing people in horrible ways. Not sure if its directly related but some say that Hitler lost the war because he was strung out on amphetamines... I think the drug companies need have a special metered dos-aging system to keep the dosage from not going out of control.

So have had a few scrips filled and I will admit I have abused them on more than a few occasions. I have read through these posts and I think these effects are pretty standard especially if you take more than you are supposed to which is common since the drug makes you think that taking more will make you more capable but the reality is it reduces your effectiveness dramatically.  What I am going to do is take them ONLY as directed and I will report back on how things are going.

by Andrew138, Dec 08, 2010
I'm 32 years old and I took 100 mg of Adderall back on July 30th. I still do not feel the same and I'm truly scared that I'm dying from it even though it's been many months since I took 'em. I went to the ER a few days after I took them because my heart was racing and I thought I was gonna die. They did an EKG on me and said that I would be ok.

I have been back to the doctor and hospital several times since this happened and even went to a Neurologist a few days ago. Nobody is finding anything and I'm so scared. I'm sure it has caused nerve damage in me and I'm terrified that it may have damaged my brain. I don't sweat anymore, my nails and hair have stopped growing and I've become a recluse because I don't wanna go out and only talk about these pills and how they are killing me.

Am I really dying?

by epoward, Jan 28, 2011
I started taking adderall back in 97.  I still take it.  60mg a day in the 20mg tabs.  sometimes more sometimes less.  I believe the false adrenalin they cause my body will eventually destroy my life too.  Andrew138 chill out man!  If you die its not because you took adderall once.  

by Andrew138, Feb 04, 2011
DO you think 100mg of Adderall is a lot? Potentailly life threatining? I took these damn pills, 5 20mg tabs over an hour period, just a month after my girlfriend of 8 1/2 years left me and just a few months after my father passed away. Everyone seems to think it's depression but I'm stuck believing that these wretched pills have played a roll in this. Anyone with any feedback or knowledge on whether or not 100mg of Adderall coud damage me please feel free to share.


by ashley335, Feb 18, 2011
100mg is way too much. People who have ADD and are prescribed it have a daily dosage between 5-40mg a day. It is very unsafe to take 100mg, you will get jittery and your pulse will be off the charts. From experience I dont have ADD but i do take it for work so i can concentrate i take only up to 30mg not even. I sometimes take 20mg and then i dont take take it on the weekends and sometimes I feel a little depressed or my mood changes. I need to lay off of it im so use to it tho but 100mg is WAY too much it is life threatening and you will become addicted and you do not want that. I would stay away from it if i were you.

by rizzler, Feb 07, 2012
don't listen to ashley 335, Andrew138.  i get so sick of these people talking about drugs like they know what the **** is going on.  everyone is different, everyone metabolizes substances differently, everyone has different tolerances, different bodies.  60 mg a day is a very common dose for seasoned Adderall patients, not 5 - 40.  i know a 97 lb girl who takes 60 a day, spread out over 3 Instant Release tablets.  100 mg is A LOT though, i'm not gonna lie.  rule number one: know any health complications that are pre-existing in your family or yourself.  number two: listen to your body.  if you're having severe anxiety, panic attacks, restlessness, hypertensive crisis, or whatever while on the drug, stop taking it right then and make sure you're near someone who can take care of you or call someone.  this still does not mean you're going to die.  

i was just diagnosed with ADHD at age thirty, however, i've been an adderall user for more than 10 years off & on.  within the last 3 months, i've eat between 100 - 150 mg of it in a night on at least 5 - 7 occasions.  i have hypertension (borderline high blood pressure) and panic attack disorder, so i know of the risks i'm taking when i use stimulants.  but because i also use 20 mg of Paxil a day, everything stays under control.  i **** you not when i tell you this... i've already taken 150 mg of adderall XR since 8 a.m. this morning, and it's 4:10 p.m.  i'll probably do more before the night ends.  

would i want my siblings or kids to do that?  **** no.  i just went thru the most challenging, depressing time of my life and i needed - yes you judgmental *****: NEEDED it - just to get outta bed every day.  now... do i recognize that i'm highly addicted to speed right now?  yes i do.  does it bother me?  yes it does.  i don't wanna die more than anyone else.  

every time you take drugs, you take a risk.  i listen to my body and make sure i know a friend or a safety plan if i get to feeling like the pounding in my chest is anything more than anxiety.  

Andrew138 - my point is this... you're fine.  if it bothers you, don't do it again.  i hate it everytime i do it too, but feel compelled sometimes.  i can already feel myself closer to growing out of this phase though as my life gets better around me.  

hope that helped.

by jmjaspal, Mar 11, 2012
as the mom of two little girls who have been taking adderall for the past 3 years (and are now only at 10 mg dosage per day),  I can tell you that their focus, sociability AND moods are all better when they are on their medication.  They do not take their meds on the weekends or during the summer and we see a dramatic decline after a couple of days in their impulsivity, hyperactivity and moodswings.  As with any medication, it's only be taken under drs. supervision and as prescribed.  The instances that are being talked about here, even with kids that have ADHD or ADD are for the mostpart people who are abusing the drug and not taking it as prescribed.  If for some reason as my girls get older this medication isn't working well for them, we will find something that works better.  But they have always been taught to respect medication for the purpose that it serves.

by thatonekidd, May 04, 2012
Took 150 mg my first time at work never talked so much in my life ha I didn't sleep at all that night but I felt fine the day after and I don't have ADD that I know of. I was 100% functional at work n it just made me feel real good for a change but keep in mind I also weight 240 lbs and I'm 6'1 and have always had a high tolerance for most substance. But 300 mgs for a 120 lb 16 year old that can't be good for you?

by Cody1998, Apr 18, 2013
Today I took. 6 Adderall: 4 30mg and 2 50mg. Added that's 220mg also I took divalproex sodium; 2 pills each 250. 4 hours later 4 Advil and 30 minutes later another. That's 200/1 Advil. 1720mg of drugs. I did overdose yes but I'm alive. I still feel my skin crawl and temperature move also my heart increases for awhile but recides. I'm 14, 5'10, and 141lb, am I lucky or did I not do enough because me and a friend were celebrating not thinking if our risks but I know it's a bad idea

by irina2525, Sep 14, 2014
So I took1400mg of Ritalin more then 24 hours ago and I'm still alive thank god but how long will it last untreaded

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