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Sep 11, 2012 - 6 comments






My hands and feet are itchy. I just started using this site. Dont know how to post stuff. So im asking this way. My feet and hands are very itchy. My skin is not dry. No rashes. Havent started anything new. I have been taking Benadryl,with no relief. If any one has any suggestions please help.I'm going crazy. I have a Drs. Appt. today so will see what they say. I will write back so if anyone else gets this problem they will have a answer. Thank you.

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by sshericlees, Nov 14, 2012
Hello, my 10 y/o daughter has been experiencing the same thing... Itchy feet and palms of her hands for the past two days. I'm currently soaking her feet in warm water with epsom salt and she's had some relief. I will take her to her doc if this persists.

by CountofMC, Jan 23, 2014
Have either of you found out why you are having this problem? My 7 year old daughter has started to have the same problem. Itchy hands and feet, especially prevalent at night with no rash.

by smooty0105, Sep 15, 2014
I'm going through the same thing. Have your doctor do a liver work up w blood work. Some liver diseases can cause this as I am finding out. Very frustrating

by AussieRobby, May 13, 2015
I have itchy hands, not palms, the tops.  I put hand cream on and it soothes it for a couple of minutes and then it starts up again.  My hands don't appear to be dry. I have not one rash, cut or anything else.  It started a few weeks ago. I don't really want to go to the doctor.

by blooki, May 18, 2015
I have a similar issue which just began after building a new entryway steps and landing.
It would seem that I am having a reaction to prolonged skin contact with the pressure treated lumber.
If any of the above people suffering similar symptoms have had a new deck, child's jungle gym, exterior swing, (etc..)
recently  built or replaced, I'm pretty sure that's your culprit. Especially if the symptoms begin confined to the hands and/or feet from handling or standing on the wood for prolonged periods.
I would recommend painting or sealing the wood as soon as possible, until then be sure to wear shoes and gloves.

by Loopylousmith1986, Aug 24, 2015
Yes  I get it had blood work etc but all came bk fine very frustrating my feet at very sore atm where I keep scratching I jut can't help it

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