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Day 22 -8.11.12

Nov 07, 2012 - 2 comments

This morning I walked at a fast pace for a block because I needed to get to the bus-stop to keep an eye on my neighbour's children while they waited for the school bus.
I managed the walk really well but when I arrived I felt a bit light headed and I noticed my heartbeat felt a bit fast.
I really need to build up my cardiovascular fitness again.

The weather has been quite cold this week and my leg is a bit achy. The cold seems to make it achy.
The bruise has almost gone but the ache remains. The ache stretches down my thigh a bit. It isn't just at the insertion site.

Mostly I feel well now. I just tire easily and need lots of rest.
I'm going to count the weeks and months down, with, hopefully, no more WPW symptoms.

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by demps123, Nov 08, 2012
Glad you are out power walking.haha. I know what you mean about building up the cardio. I find that i have a little anxiety about doing too much, but i am really keen to shed at least a stone now. All the weight i've put on this last year. :(  So will start with walking and then build it up. I've also had a slight ache down my thigh every so often. I think all the muscels get affected during the procedure from the local and the poking and proding. Anyway glad you are doing well!

by hesterbox, Nov 08, 2012
Thank you.
I have the anxiety about exercising harder but I plan to start to do more when i reach my one month milestone.
I find my body/heart is pretty quick to tell me if I'm overdoing it.

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