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Break up

Nov 16, 2012 - 4 comments

             My break up letter to my addiction

Listen you stupid, careless, inconsiderate addiction I'm on to you now. You see I'm a good person, yes I've made mistakes but as they say I'm human and god died on the cross for my sins, my family, I love them more than anything, I enjoy their love, smiles, I love having a beautiful group of people share my life, all the beautiful things in life places we've been and yet to see. I don't deserve to shake, sweat and feel insecure I spent so much of my life feeling that already I've paid my dues where pain is concerned and I deserve to have the next half of my life off that kind of pain, my suffer/pain bank is full. I don't love you although in the beginning I fooled myself I did , I don't even like you your a insidious, evil, cruel entity in my life and quite frankly your ugly, you do nothing nice for people except take advantage and consume people your so needy,,, I have to let you go because there is another way to live one where I forgive myself for any bad choices I made in my past including dealing with you. I know you'll come back
In a few weeks and beg me to be with you but I'm stronger, wiser than you and I'm letting you know  FU CK off, you can't have me anymore I need me. Take care and drop dead.

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by Pat1956100, Nov 16, 2012
Oh I love this.  My ex friend has been haunting me today and this was great to read.  Getting mad is a good thing.
I am so tired of being sad and I do feel mad right now.  I have to be stronger than that b a s t a r d.
Go away, Go away.  I hate you.

by Livingtodaylikeitsmylast, Nov 16, 2012
I feel the same today.  I used to so sick and tired, of being sick and tired.  Now I am just done being sad.  Sadness can destroy you just like the drugs.  So look out people, you are going to have some hard core, angry women coming your way.......I hate you as well and my husband, my kids, my family, my work and my friends get me back now!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by Fireby29, Nov 17, 2012
Amen sister.  Sounds a lot like my letter.  


by WantMyLifeBack2010, Nov 17, 2012
great letter to your addiction....isn't it wonderful when we're finally clear headed and can SEE what it was doing to all of us???
Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!

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