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Does anyone dream babys & then someone ends up preggo?

Feb 10, 2009 - 10 comments




Okay so lately every time I dream that I'm pregnant or have a newborn in my hands(in my dreams) someone I know ends up pregnant. First it was my sister in law. I dreamed that I was leaking breast milk and then my husband handed my a little boy. woke up the next day and told my husbad, someone is pregnant or is gonna get prenant. Sure enouogh, my sister in law gave us the news like one or two weeks later. She had a little boy. Well a couple of weeks ago I dreamed that I had a little boy and I told my sister not to tell my mom. My best friend call me and without her telling me first, out of the blues I said "Your pregnant aren't you?" She was so suprised cause I went off topic and was so weird. She said yeah I am. Wow.... So strange. It's like God tells me when he's sending little angels around me. Love baby dreamsā™„

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by Cootos, Mar 03, 2009
My mom actually has those kind of dreams all the time :) It's cool but scary cause I dont want it to be me anytime soon!! Everytime she tells me she has a baby dream I go to the drugstore to get a test to make sure it's not me...

by Angelinthemorning, Mar 03, 2009
I have a friend who does the same thing...weird but cool.

by jenkaye21, Mar 03, 2009
This is so strange, but right after I found out I was pregnant with my son, (I mean like the NEXT DAY in church), my Dad casually mentions a dream about a baby boy.  I was like, "Oh really?? That's weird!" Cuz it was WAY to early to start telling people! lol

Later, on in the same pregnancy, before we knew what we were having, my sis dreamed about a blond haired blue eyed boy.  I thought, "Unlikely", since my DS is blond/brown, and my DS is brown/hazel, I'm brown/brown, although DH is blond/blue... But a blond haired blue-eyed boy is exactly what we got!!

Maybe some babies send out ~~messages~~ while they're in utero !! haha

(Wish someone could tell me about the baby I'm carrying now-- I am 18 weeks and very *impatient* to find out what i'm having!)

by Brittny27, Mar 03, 2009
I had a dream about having a baby two weeks before I found out I was pregnant last year.  I just had a dream about being pregnant last week and I found out that my friend is pregnant.  So Yes I do too.

by JoyRenee, Mar 03, 2009
I have dreams about babies all the time but I don't think it is any indication that anyone is going to be announcing a pregnancy soon. But I can look at a woman and sometimes know she's pregnant. Usually they end up making an announcement not long after I suspect (not because they have a belly, but it's their manner and sometimes noticeable symptoms).

by chantal21, Mar 03, 2009
I've had dreams about that before! I had a dream my mom was pregnant numerous times, then a week later, she was!! IT's really crazy. I even dreamed she was gonna have boy one time, and she had my brother. I also had a dream of how I was going to deliver my son (so strange!) and in the end, I had him the SAME EXACT way I had dreamed about it. That was kinda freaky. lol.

by mirellacueva, May 04, 2009
I know it's wierd but I kinda like it! Every time I have a baby dream my friends are scared. My first baby dream was when I was 20 my anute was prego. Then I had another baby dream and my friend was prego. Ever since then I know that when I have a baby dream someone I know is going to have a baby! Recently I dreamed a baby 3 day in a row. My friend got prego and then a week later my other friend was pregnant and she just found out that she was having twins. Crazy!!! Wait, last night I had another dream and I let the girls I thought might be the one and they said no, but then I remembered my cuzin in Japan and just gave her a call. I told her husband I had a question for her and asked him if she was pregnant he just stood quiet! She was!!!! She had just found out the night before!!!! I'm having trouble getting pregnant and I wish that just one of those dreams could be for me!!! Just thought I was the only one out there with these crazy dreams!!!!

by porkchop980, Aug 04, 2010

by Becca0411, Aug 28, 2010
sorry, it's been a while since you asked but i have those exact same dreams, and here lately, when i wake up i get a strong feeling that its a certain person, i used to just have to wait aand find out whos pregnant. thats so weird, i wonder why this happens?

by mid30smama, Dec 02, 2011
Two nights ago I woke up from a dream that my best friend who has the same name as I do, was at my house playing with my 8 month old daughter and telling her about the twins she had in her belly (she's never have children and not currently pregnant) the next day I woke up and thought "Ok who is going to announce a pregnancy to me?!" I told my fam and my friends. Well, the next day I was going through my personal calender and realized I had no entries for a menstrual in November. I took a test right away and it was positive as soon as the process started! Now, when I had the dream I had absolutely no stimulation to think about a pregnancy and I have been so swamped with work and taking care of baby that I never realized I was late in the first place. So I wonder just if that was a sign of being in touch with myself??? I'm so nervous to go to the doctor.

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