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Dec 05, 2012 - 0 comments


I figured this might be a great place for me to keep notes. I've been writing them into a text document on my computer to try and keep track, but here may be better in case someone happens to come across my posts and has some inclination of helping me obtain a diagnosis.


-Symptoms have had a very slowly chronic progression until this past summer when all of a sudden I experienced a sudden quickly progressive onset of a variety of peripheral nerve related symptoms, each "flare up" clears up nearly completely within 2 weeks to a couple of months depending on the severity of the symptoms.

-Orthostatic Hypotension

-Muscle weakness in arms and legs (difficulty opening jars, climbing stairs, getting up from sitting)-
A neurological exam revealed diminished reflexes, temperature and sensory loss in arms and legs more so in left leg.

- Sudden onset joint pain in all joints and disappeared as quickly as it came.

- waxing and waning Dysthesias beginning in arms, extending to involve legs and feet, face, and torso

- waxing and waning Parathesias beginning in distal locations and now involving entire body

- Strange muscle twitching and spasms of sudden rapid onset directly following the period of muscle weakness involving arms and legs, then progressing to include torso, including inside abdomen, buttocks, neck, and face. Muscle twitching has slowly dissolved from the period of onset, but I still maintain some small random occurences.

- Deep aching pain in legs after short periods of standing or walking.

- Sudden onset of a feeling of vibration inside chest.

- Occasional feelings of "humming" in legs, static-electric shock sensation that runs down both legs at the same time and "out" my big toe.

- Sudden onset "flare up" in lower back, resulting in inability to walk for a short period of time- completely resolved in 2 weeks and was followed by razor sharp pain down the side of my leg, back of my leg, and front of my leg- sometimes all at the same time.

- sudden muscle cramping in both calves and neck occurring at different times

- sudden onset Meralgia Paresthetica

- Feeling of numbness in bladder- didn't feel full or empty, followed the next week by a painful feeling of urgency consistent with a feeling of a UTI lasting only 2 hours one day, and again the following day.

- temporary Gastroparesis lasting approximately 1 month.

- waxing and waning feeling of Nausea

- Blood pressure regulation difficulties (blood pressure running abnormally low for days at a time and abnormally high for days- when blood pressure is high hands get freezing cold)

- Persistent fever of unknown origin (over 3 months now). Sudden spikes from near normal to 100.3 and randomly returning back to normal. disappearing for days to weeks at a time.

- Sudden shortness of breath and coughing up mucus in lungs in the mornings

- Occasional Palpitations

- Sudden dry eyes and mouth

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