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Quick and Easy Ways to Overcome Social Anxiety

Dec 11, 2012 - 0 comments

Mental Health




social anxiety

Social anxiety occurs when you are in a social environment like a party, school, mall, etc. You can overcome social anxiety by taking some basic measures to build your confidence. Social anxiety is a very common problem and you should not feel embarrassed about accepting the fact that you suffer from it. In fact, accepting that there is some problem is the first step towards recovery. Here are a few easy to follow techniques that can help you to manger anxiety in a better way.

Breathe Slowly
People who suffer from social anxiety often tend to breathe quickly during a social situation. This only makes it harder for them to talk and increases the level of anxiety. Breathing properly can go a long way in helping to lower social anxiety. Take deep breathes and try to maintain a balance between the inhale and exhale process.

Eliminate Negative Thoughts
Expecting a negative response to your actions is a common cause of anxiety. You should stay positive and try to get rid of negative thoughts while you are talking to a group of people. Always be confided about what you speak and expect a positive response.

Face Your Fears
Most people who experience social anxiety tend to avoid social situations. However, doing this will just let the fear build up in your mind. Therefore, it is important to face your fears and start taking small steps to correct them.

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