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Stages of fibrosis

Dec 12, 2012 - 12 comments

My Gastro has this plastic, pull apart model of the liver in various stages of fibrosis in one of the exam rooms. It is in sections and could be a child's toy if it were not so gross looking. Stage F0 = no fibrosis is not one of the sections. I guess it would look smooth and shiny

The model is these four sections. If I have to wait too long I put on a pair of exam gloves and pull the sections apart. Once I tried to fit them together in a different order and they got stuck. I could not fix it. Finally I was able to pull the two pieces apart when I put the model between my feet and pulled. I fell backward into this thing of brochures and they went everywhere. There were brochures in Spanish and brochures in English. There was a ton of stuff on Hepatitis B. It took me a good ten minutes to put everything back.

Stage F1 = mild fibrosis. • looks kind of textured but the chunk of plastic pretty much feels smooth
Stage F2 = moderate fibrosis. • feels textured and is darker
Stage F3 = bridging fibrosis • looks like a rotting brownie with raisins
Stage F4 = cirrhosis • looks like a rotting brownie with raisins and walnuts

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2114467 tn?1358213856
by 1swimmer, Dec 12, 2012
Idyllic, you're funny! Love how you post pics.

1815939 tn?1377995399
by pooh55811, Dec 12, 2012
Hmmm ... Stage 2 does not look so good. I hope mine goes back to Stage 0, LOL. Thanks for the photo!

1669790 tn?1333666195
by flcyclist, Dec 12, 2012
Funny story.  I wish my doc gave me things to play with while I waited.   :)

Avatar universal
by jules2551, Dec 12, 2012
I don't think I will ever look at raisins in the same way again.  As a matter of fact I doubt I will ever eat another raisin!  Thanks for the funny story K.  You crack me up!

Avatar universal
by rivll, Dec 12, 2012
Thanks for posting this!
I am rather horrified to see that is what my liver looks like. No more raisins for me either...

1840891 tn?1431551393
by ceanothus, Dec 12, 2012
I second Rivil! Great story, but horrifying to see what my cirrhotic liver must look like. No wonder my surgeon's lip curled when he described (in much less vivid words) what my liver looked like! (My cirrhosis was dx'd during a different sort of abdominal surgery.)

163305 tn?1333672171
by orphanedhawk, Dec 12, 2012
After my transplant, my surgeon showed me a photo of my old liver.
I couldn't believe that thing came out of a living being~ yuck.
It didn't look like raisins but it did look shriveled up and dry.
Then he showed me my daughter's plump lovely liver, which he called beautiful.
The absolutely wonderful and amazing thing about this organ is how quickly it can regenerate.

3221216 tn?1373643659
by Djanna, Dec 13, 2012
You are adorable!

3211536 tn?1359389169
by creewoman, Dec 14, 2012
I have seen the posters on the wall of livers and a model once also.I tried to ignore it by searching for useful items in the drawers...bandaids,masks,gloves ,paper tape.Now I just ask for all the stuff and they give it to me.I have noticed also one of the effects of HCV for me is outrageous behavior!!!haHa!

766573 tn?1365170066
by Idyllic, Dec 14, 2012
Wow I didn't think anyone would read this. Glad I didn't mention how I snoop through all the cupboards and drawers!!
Thanks goys!

Avatar universal
by bbj2856, Jan 18, 2013
This is great I dont snoop . but maybe I should strt. Very borring just setting there waiting. .
Thanks for posting great post

3221216 tn?1373643659
by Djanna, Jan 05, 2015
You are so good at explaining things and funny too!

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