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Dec 28, 2012 - 3 comments

what ??

Sometimes I feel so trapped. For example, tonight I went upstairs to put on a hoody because I was cold? Aren't I entitled to do that in my own house? Instead I get shouted from downstairs by S? These are the things which drive me insane. What am I supposed to do? I feel trapped, in my own home. I sent him home. I'm going to self harm. Help!!!!@@@

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by RainLover71, Dec 28, 2012
You did nothing wrong--don't hurt yourself.We can't control what other people do or say but we can look after ourselves.You are the most important person and in your home you should feel free.

by RainLover71, Dec 29, 2012
I hope you are Ok,Please Pm me.

by Ellen038, Dec 29, 2012
Well there is NOTHING wrong with putting a hoody on in your home. Are you kidding me, what the heck is his problem??? You did the right thing if he was going to be acting strange and not letting you put a hoody on. I'm proud of you for realizing how ridiculous that was and taking charge of the situation. I don't see a valid reason to self harm but I DO see a reason to give yourself a big pat on the back for standing up for yourself!!! Job well done girl

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