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Pink spotting

Jan 25, 2013 - 5 comments

Pink spotting here and there since yesterday. Very light and nurse said not to worry cuz I don't have cramps !  Still worries me a little but if it gets worse then I will call

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by retta483, Jan 25, 2013
out of my seven pregnancies and i had spotting with all some more than others . only 1x it ended bad but it was more than spotting .  your cervix is very sensitive  when preggo try to not worry drink water put your feet up and if it keeps it up call  and dont have sex

by Jenny101407, Jan 25, 2013
Yes, I agree with Retta..NO sex, drink alot of water and lay down and put your feet up and relax. Try and keep your mind busy watching some good movies and or shows. Keep us posted!

by cheekyhalfs, Jan 25, 2013
Totally agree with both ladies, we had some very very light spotting as you know and the midwife told us no sex and to rest up a little and take things easy and to drink lots of water. We're still going at almost 19 weeks, hope your not too stressed...I know how easy it is to worry as I still worry everyday a little. Take care.

by Lynniepooh, Jan 25, 2013
Thanks ladies, it's gone for now!  It seems to come when I have to do number two!  But I'm not straining.  My sister in law had the same thing !

by Jenny101407, Jan 25, 2013
Oh ok, that's great news! Hope it stays away!

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