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still some spotting

Jan 28, 2013 - 5 comments

still having some spotting, mostly in the early am and then it goes away. NO cramping.  My sides hurt a little bit today but i am a side sleeper and in need of a new mattress

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by rmmoye, Jan 28, 2013
let your dr know about the spotting.  I know several ladies where it was nothing. GL!!

by mhv, Jan 28, 2013
I just wanted to let you know I spotted from week 6 to about week 16 or so.  Drink a lot of water! Keep hydrated!

by haz1104, Jan 28, 2013

if its brown spotting and/or no cramps,,its fine..just make sure u keep hydrated and follow ur body's lead..if ur tired then rest lol..I'm sure ull b fine..GL  :)

by Lynniepooh, Jan 28, 2013
The nurse said its fine cuz I'm not cramping but I will for sure tell the doc when I see him Friday.

I have been drinking more water and going pee every damn hour because of it! LOL

The spotting could be there one trip to the potty and not the next.  It's weird!  My sister in law spotted her whole first trimester

by mhv, Jan 28, 2013
I get it!! I spotted pretty much every day. Its maddening for sure!  You can look at my pregnancy tracker for reassurance if you get a minute.   It's great you are upping your water. Mthat and having my feet up were the only things that made a difference

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