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I just got back from a surprise Dr visit. I went and had my beta checked yesterday and they called me to come in for the results. They never call to come in unless it is bad. They gave me an ultrasound, I am 5 weeks according to the ultrasound. Just the sac was seen. That could be right because I don't know when my period was in December. It was somewhere between the 18-25. Well then they start asking all these questions about me and fibroids. have I ever had them etc. Well I see the Dr after and he is stumped. he said my HCG results were - but the sac is there. I have a repeat HCG test monday. Maybe the lab messed up, and a repeat U/S on the 15th. Then he tells me It looks like I have a tumor on my uterus :/ I came home and immediately took a HPT and bright and BFP as ever! I don't know what to think. I can not stop crying. Anyone heard of anything like this????

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by butterflybabies, Feb 01, 2013
What?? That cant be right! And if it is a sac not much is seen at 5wks anyway. How can you get + hpt and not on the blood test?? Hpt only pic up hcg and if a tumor was producing hcg then it would show up on a blood test anyway at least thats what I think. Ive had fibroids before and my doc was always able to tell what it was. I think you need to go get a second opinion. Im hoping its lab error. Did they retake your blood for another test?

by frank_noahsmommy, Feb 01, 2013
They are not retaking until Monday. I can't even understand!!!!!!

by rmmoye, Feb 01, 2013
girl i think the lab messed up!!!!  it wouldnt be the first time.  just keep your head held high and thank God for your little baby.

by butterflybabies, Feb 01, 2013
Get a second opinion! I would!

by mhv, Feb 01, 2013
That sounds crazy!!! I have never heard of that happening!!  I cannot believe they are making you wait till Monday, I would call and tell them you want another blood test today.  It's your body, and you deserve not having to wait.  

by sherrycoup, Feb 01, 2013
Lab messed up!  I think your good to go girlie!!!  I too am 5 weeks :)  i got af on xmas day :)  Due date Oct 4  Congrats

by Dolphin05, Feb 01, 2013
Oh wow I would def say that's a lab error! I'd be fuming and demanding to draw labs today and Monday! I know easy said but try not to stress.

by Helen72, Feb 01, 2013
Makes no sense.  There is such thing as a mole pregnancy but beta would still be positive!!  Can you get beta on your own?  Perhaps your family physician can order one?

by retta483, Feb 01, 2013
has to be a mistake

by nola0805, Feb 01, 2013
Totally sounds like a lab error.  There is no other reason for your test to show a BFP.  Sorry that you had to go through this stress. Hopefully you were able to get another beta today and allay your worries. Hang in there and congrats!

by Sherri90049, Feb 01, 2013
Don't worry. Your pee stick is telling you the truth. The lab DEFINITELY messed up!

by pb95, Feb 03, 2013
Sorry you have to be going through this.  I'll be stalking MH on Monday for you and rmmoye's results!!

by pb95, Feb 05, 2013
You're in my thoughts all the time, but especially today.  Hope things are going well!

by dscoqn, Feb 07, 2013
Wow what a stressful time for you - glad it all turned out well in the end :)
Looking forward to hearing about your next scan xxx

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