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Here's hoping 3's a charm

Feb 28, 2013 - 0 comments








Started first cycle of Clomid in Dec. Did not have a heavy period. Cycle Started Dec 8th-Dec 12th. consulted my Ob-gyn and he suggested I take the Clomid. Consider this spotting my period so I started on Dec. 12th with the Clomid. Don't think I "O'ed" that cycle. I tested with OPK's. when I did I gotta dark line but not darker than reference line.

In Jan I got my cycle on the 7th. It lasted the usual 5 days, 7th-11th. Started 2cycle of Clomid on the 11th. I tested with Clearblue Easy Digital OPK. On Jan 22nd which was cycle day 16 which my Ob said is typically when women on Clomid ovulate, we got a Digital smiley which means it detected my LH surge and I was to ovulate in the next 12-48hrs. Well tested for pregnancy on Jan 6th,I was a day too early because AF showed up Jan 7th :-(

On Feb we got the same exact results.... Cycle the 7-11. Started Clomid on the 12th cycle instead, because I had to wait for Ob to call Clomid in to pharmacy. So I took my  OPK on cycle day 16, which just so happened to be same day as last month (Jan) Feb22, got our digital smiley for positive OPK. So today is Feb 28th and we are currently 6DPO and waiting..... Praying we caught that waiting egg...... :-)

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