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HUGE shout out to "teak" on the hiv prevention forum

Mar 01, 2013 - 4 comments

just wanted to take a minute to say "wow" and thank you to teak, from the hiv prevention forum.  he has PASSED the 1,000 mark of top answers.  the time that he puts in to that forum is admirable and the knowledge he has is unsurpassable.

thank you for all you do to help others...and a special thank you for being my BFF ! ! !

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by nursegirl6572, Mar 02, 2013
Wow!!  That's crazy!  No surprise though!

Teak is one knowledgeable guy!

by maatson, Nov 01, 2013
A real hero. Hats off to this great person.

by Harbingertaurus, Nov 25, 2013
Thanks  Teak  :) Thanks a lot

by mkash85, Feb 24, 2014
Mr.Teak is spending his time to bring down peoples anxiety down.


will pray god gives health life and happiness.

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