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It Takes Courage And Faith To Face This Disease

Mar 25, 2013 - 7 comments

Hepatitis C









It takes courage and faith to face this disease with candor and confession and to seek other points of view to questions. So many seekers come to support groups to find answers and directions to their struggles. Many have taken the time to read and offer feedback to help shape the thoughts of people in need of help. Others read and do not provide useful, helpful comments or insights, but they silently hope and often privately pray for the one suffering.

I am sorry for all suffering. But keep in mind that even though others appear to us as healthy and having the “good life,” everyone’s life is unfolding in unexpected, unplanned, and deeply personal ways. We all wrestle with good and distressfully bad situations and human conditions every day.

I suggest that much of our time be spent taking comfort in our souls. I have a strong and intelligent determination within my mind to make sense out of my illness and weaknesses so I question myself so that I may zero in on my troubles which will in turn help shape my faith so that I can heal from the heart and soul. I hope that I can gain an advantage over this disease; and in the days ahead, I may live comfortably with daily challenges.

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by EvolverU, Mar 25, 2013
Amen, Evan, well framed, thoughtful and highly sensitive. May you meet the challenges to come with a high degree of infused faith, best your weakness and overcome any and all obstacles to comfort and contentment that you may meet with. Each and every one of them is a lesson if we can but comprehend what the universe is saying to us.

Strength, health and love your way,

by ActingBrandNew, Mar 25, 2013
Thanks A, Im just getting anxious over here and Im trying to make sure Im right with what I need to be right with. I got a bit sidetracked with some negative energy...but Im focused again. Congrats on the 90

by mzkity, Mar 25, 2013
Beautiful.  Very beautiful!!!

by FourJays, Mar 28, 2013
I have always felt your words and support for others to be very thoughtful and caring.  I wish you the very best in your personal life and any challenges it brings.

by ActingBrandNew, Mar 28, 2013
Thank you FourJays :)

by VICourageous, Mar 28, 2013
WOW EVAN That was soooo true..What a trooper you are..With every thing that is going on with U...You Goooo...Life can be tuff...We just have to be tuffer.....

by JMar63, Jun 18, 2013
It's really hard to feel that way at this point, for me.

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