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What Determines Long Term Success  of Detox Treatment

Mar 28, 2013 - 0 comments

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Detox Success


Naltrexone therapy

There a probably a dozen of places around the country that claim to do rapid detox from opiates. Their protocols vary mostly based on their doctors’ experience and skill set.  These physicians don't share their protocols since they are all in competition with each other. The basic theory behind the process is the same. What varies from clinic to clinic is the physicians’ experience, ethics and care that they put into each and every one of their patients. Another thing that varies wildly is the sticker price.
Yes, a rapid detox clinic can be built on a grand scale, in a spa like facility, or use a hospital wing - both of which will add on thousands to the cost and may jeopardize the privacy by exposing the patients’ chart to the JCAHO inspectors. All of which does nothing to improve patient safety, outcome or long term success.
What does determine success is the careful screening of patients, both psychological and physical; using protocols that are individualized to each patient, which can only be done after years of experience; and unrestricted follow-up using long-term naltrexone therapy.
Naltrexone therapy has been shown in study after study to be effective in minimizing cravings for opiates and preventing relapse. In fact, the longer one stays on naltrexone therapy, the less likely they are to relapse.
By keeping in touch with patients and encouraging them to stay in touch with the clinic and continue the naltrexone therapy, the clinic can significantly improve the long term success of their rapid detox treatment.

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