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Health Hazards of GMO Crops

Apr 09, 2013 - 1 comments

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by Sandman2, Apr 10, 2013
Typical Mercola argument.  The lead in is about " lethal doses of glyphosate, the active ingredient in the company's herbicide Roundup."  Yet, the major story is, " In Cordoba, he speaks to Alternative Nobel Laureate Professor Raul Montenegro about the problems associated with excessive pesticide use.

    “Montenegro, a world-renowned biologist, looked the part of a pioneer, in a khaki shirt and jungle boots. 'I have pesticide in me,' he said, almost as soon as he opened the door. Here we all have pesticide in our bodies because the land is saturated with it. And it is a huge problem. In Argentina biodiversity is diminishing. Even in national parks, because pesticides don’t recognize the limit of the park,” Ellis writes.1

More than 18 million hectares in Argentina are covered by genetically engineered soy, on which more than 300 million liters of pesticides are sprayed.

   They can't even figure out the difference between a pesticide and a herbicide?

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