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Apr 09, 2013 - 6 comments

Haven't spoken to dr yet since procedure. Nurse told me they saw a small stomach ulcer, some gastritis, a couple of diverticulosis in colon and one polyp. That's a pre-colon cancer thing (the polyp) but they removed it. :) They did do a couple biopsies of areas of inflammation. Results in a couple days. :) Ugh! Want to feel better and go home but still too weak.

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by rmmoye, Apr 10, 2013
feel better. Mine was out patient so i went home that day but they found nothing.

by Sherri90049, Apr 10, 2013
Thanks sweetie!

by ConnieG, Apr 10, 2013
oh man. I hope you have relief soon!

by butterflybabies, Apr 10, 2013
hope the biopsies come back good and you get some answers and start feeling better!

by retta483, Apr 11, 2013
feel better soon !

by hopeitworks, Apr 16, 2013
Sherri you have been through so much. I pray everything is ok with you and you are feeling better soon!

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