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tardive dyskinesia

May 08, 2013 - 12 comments

tardive dyskinesia


i would like to create a forum about tardive dyskinesia. so we can talk about this condition. and discuss what we can do about it and what treatments are available for it. is anyone interested?


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by nursegirl6572, May 08, 2013
You can post your suggestion in this forum:

The moderators will reply and pass the info on.  If they don't create a seperate forum, you can always start a user group.  If you need help with that, let me know, or ask a mod.

Hope this helps.

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by xxxyy, May 10, 2013
okay thanks.

my td started with restless legs. but this got better now. but now i get random muscle contractions from time to time. and i have a constant feeling of restlessness and agitation.

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by xxxyy, May 10, 2013

here is another new treatment for td.

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by xxxyy, May 10, 2013
This here sounds like the most promising treatment for td: carvedilol

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by xxxyy, May 10, 2013

so now i tried this carvedilol for one day and already its improved my td. even after only one day. this is really great news!! well anyhow, hopefully one day we can have our own separate forum. just for tardive dyskinesia.

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by xxxyy, May 10, 2013
next update:

another promising method against td could be bcaa's: branch chained aminoacids. there has been a study about it with very promising results. there should further studies about this effect of bcaa and tardive dyskinesia.

and another interesting way is treating td with a general anesthesia. this has worked for one patient that had severe td. she completley recovered from her TD after it. it is fact that things like permanent hiccups can also be cured with a general anesthesia. and some other dyskinesias aswell.

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by xxxyy, May 10, 2013

so you should try carvedilol. also you could try using ecgc. its the extract of green tea. it has healing mechanisms for braincells. this could also do the trick. if you do so, you should please send me a message and tell me your experience. okay?

but there should also be more investigation of how a general anesthesia was able to restore someone with TD. any ideas?
and also if this is reproducible for others.

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by xxxyy, May 10, 2013
tongue test update:

so how do you know if you are beginning to get TD at early stage? that is very simple, you can do the tongue test. it goes like this: you stick your tongue out for 10 seconds. if it is still you dont have td. if jitters around alot while you stick it out. then this is an early warning that you are developing TD already.

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by xxxyy, May 10, 2013
this is a journal about tardive dyskinesia. so we can find better solutions for that condition. post me your other observations that you have which are connected to TD. there are some people who say they have a decrees of muscle power. i also have experienced this. though it has gotten gotten better now over time.

here is the article about the full remission of a 44 year old patient after a general anesthesia:

A 44 year old woman with a severe drug induced tardive dyskinesia had previously been treated with a left thalamotomy and right deep brain stimulation. Thalamotomy abolished the right hemiballismus. Deep brain stimulation caused a moderate reduction of the remaining involuntary movements on the left side. After a minor orthopaedic operation under general anaesthesia, the dyskinesia disappeared completely, even with the deep brain stimulation turned off. The remission has now lasted for 41 months.

ps: i have the full article if anyone is interested i can send it.

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by xxxyy, May 10, 2013
update on carvedilol: it appears that this substance also has very strong neuroprotective properties. which could be why it works so well. it seems that the substance can heal the injured braincells.

ps: i have alot of material about this on the internet. i can send anyone the links to these studies.

and here is list of other neuroprotective agents that could benefit people with TD:

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by OaklyDokly, Apr 16, 2014
I am in my early 50's. I used to be an attractive, highly successful person...
I developed T.D. over 6 years ago, I believe from taking Abilify.
I had been depressed because of on-going illegal actions my employer  was putting me through. My employer was the Dept. of Justice. I felt powerless and I knew it was just a matter of time before they railroaded me and found grounds to justify terminating me. After enduring 2 1/2 years of continual reprisal and harassment, and having all of my EEO complaints placed into abeyance, I walked out and filed for Workman's Compensation.
When Effexor didn't magically make my problems go away, my doctor suggested I check myself in at a local hospital because he was unable to help me snap out of it. Because I was afraid to go back to work, I followed his advice and checked myself in.  Otherwise, he would have said he did all he could for me and I would have had to find another doctor to help me while waiting for my EEO complaints to be addressed and he was the only doctor withing 100 miles I could find that agreed to accept me because I was on Workman's Comp.  Without a doctor to say I was not fit to return to work, I would have been forced to go back or lose my job and benefits and retirement....
The doctors at the hospital gave me lots of pills. I was unaware what they were for, but I trusted them. The drugs they gave me (ALL at the same time!) were:  Lithium, Seroquel, Zyprexa, Alprazolam (xanax), Abilify, Zolpidem (ambien), Ativan (xanax), Diazapam (valume), Lorazapam (ativan), Wellbutrin, and Amphetamine Salts (speed)!  Prior to going to the hospital, the only drug I was taking was Levothyroxine (for hypothyroidism,) and Effexor (for depression.) The Effexor made me suddenly have strong cravings for alcohol, so I discontinued it after 6-7 months.  

Prior to all of this, I had been a very high functioning, successful person. I had a promising government career, was on numerous committees, was the mother of three teenage children, owned a home in a nice neighborhood and had been married 20+ years.
After admitting myself to the hospital, I had no clue what the doctors had prescribed for me; I talked with the doctors when I admitted myself and informed them what I had been going through the past couple years. I told them I felt hopeless and powerless and was afraid to return to my job until my EEO cases were addressed and management was held accountable for their actions and forbidden to continue harassing and retaliating against me. I fully trusted the doctors were on my side and had my best interest at hand. Once they got me all doped me up, I was a zombie and I literally had no idea what was going on. I felt like I had been given a lobotomy! I felt totally unattached. When I went to my regular doctor for my post check-up, he immediately took me off of several of the meds, but not Abilify or Seroquel or a few others. I had no idea the meds could have permanent damaging effects. I NEVER would have taken anything had they advised me what the meds were for and the horrible, life-long side-effects I would suffer as a result!!!  After researching Abilify, the people who are most likely to get T.D. are middle-aged, women who have given birth!  ME-ME-ME!!!  Did they think if they prescribed me a med that would likely cause me to have a permanent, painful, disfiguring disorder in my face and neck that I might not be so depressed???  
Thank God, a family friend came over and asked, "WHY on earth would Anyone ever take Abilify?"  I told him I did and asked him why he asked. He asked me if I had ever watched the commercials about it and heard all the horrible side-effects people could suffer if they took it. That is when I found out WHY my jaw had been thrusting and contorting past year.  I thought it was a bad habit!
Then I started researching Abilify and all the other meds. To my disbelief, I found that I had been prescribed super, heavy-duty psychiatric meds that are used to treat people with schizophrenia, psychosis, bi-polar disorder, depression, and other psychiatric disorders!  
WHAT THE HELL????   I wasn't psychotic! I was depressed because my employer had been retaliating against me, trying to get me to quit or find reason to terminate me because a co-worker went to the Union and reported my supervisor was sexually harassing me!  I was afraid to report him because, being a former Human Resource staff member, I was fully aware that management ALWAYS protects their own and I knew my career would be destroyed if I reported him or went against management.  I had ALWAYS had Superior Evaluations my ENTIRE career with the government, but now that a concerned co-worker opened her big mouth, MY career was doomed!   I filed numerous EEO complaints for the continual reprisal/discrimination over the next two+ years and ALL of my complaints were ignored and put into abeyance. Nothing was being done to stop my employer from continually retaliating against me and violating my rights and passing me over for promotion after promotion...  (To this day, the retaliation complaints I began filing in 2005 remain in abeyance!!! Our government is corrupt as hell!)
I only had ten years before I could get full retirement. I wasn't about to quit or commit suicide like several co-workers did in similar situations as mine. But, the retaliation was taking a tremendous on my life, my health and my marriage.  My teenage nephew, who was living with my mother, was supposed to move in with us, but since I was having so many issues with my employer, and subsequently, my marriage, I told him it wasn't a good environment for him to be in. He committed suicide three days later. He was a beautiful boy, mildly autistic. His parents abandoned him and he was living with my mother who, unknown to me at the time, was in the process of placing him into the foster care system and also being tormented by kids at his school. I knew he didn't like living with her, but I felt he was in a better environment with her than he would be at our home with all the chaos taking place with my career and my marriage.

> I think ANYONE in my situation would become a bit depressed!  

* But, that didn't make me SCHIZOPHRENIC or BI-POLAR or PSYCHOTIC!!!
WHY would any doctor in his/her right mind prescribe all those heavy-duty, psychtropic drugs to me?  
OBVIOUSLY... for their personal kick-backs from the drug companies???  Why Else??? Perhaps the government, my employer, was involved (?)

To this day, my jaw thrusts forward and to the side ALL THE TIME, often resulting in me drooling on myself. My face aches constantly! My neck protrudes and bobs back/forth and my upper body jerks randomly. I have to take Suboxone daily to subdue the deep, unbearable pain deep in my neck and upper torso, but it doesn't help with my jaw/face pain.
My family is extremely embarrassed to be seen in public with me. They believe it is a habit that I could control if I really want to and they become very annoyed with me when they see me doing it. It has caused me to want to isolate myself from others because I look retarded and feel guilty for 'not trying harder' to correct it. When I am stressed or upset, my jaw movements are more exaggerated.  
I am so outraged with the doctors who prescribe Abilify and all the other drugs that cause T.D. to people without clearly warning them about this fairly common side-effect! I NEVER would have taken it if I knew I could end up looking like a ******* retard the rest of my life and live with constant pain and embarrassment.
I want to start a Class Action Law suit against Abilify.  If anyone else thinks they developed T.D. after taking Abilify, please let me know.  If you developed T.D. from another drug, I am interested in hearing which one(s) you think caused it. I should go after the doctors who deliberately prescribed all those drugs to me!  They had absolutely NO right or reason to put me on mind-altering, heavy-duty drugs used to treat psychiatric disorders I did NOT suffer from!

If anything, they could have prescribed a different anti-depressant besides Effexor, however, until my
EEO complaints were removed from abeyance (abeyance: 'shoved in a drawer and locked away indefinitely',) and they were addressed and resolved, NO drug in the world was going to 'cure' me from the feelings I was having!  
I was NOT mentally ill and did not have a past history of mental illness.
They NEVER should have prescribed the plethora of drugs to me that they did.

Doctors should not be allowed to prescribe ANY mind-altering drug/s to ANY person that they have only spoken to for a few minutes and had not reviewed any medical records or medical history, etc... These drugs have major effects on people's brains and lives. They should not be handed out like sugar tablets!  
Just as police who carry/use tasers are required to be tased themselves before being allowed to use one on anyone else, ...doctors should have to take meds before prescribing them!!!  I guarantee NO doctor would prescribe these drugs that cause T.D. to their loved ones!

I know I rambled...  This subject really stirs-up a lot of negative emotions.  

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by OaklyDokly, Apr 17, 2014
oh... I forgot to include Lamital in the long list of heavy-duty drugs I was taking at the same time!
(weird... a commercial promoting ABILIFY is on the television right now!  "side effects can include..   ...and impaired judgement or motor skills.")  That is putting it MILDLY!

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