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Inner cold feeling / bones feel cold

Apr 09, 2009 - 42 comments

After 5 months,  alot of blood work, and hard work by my doctor the only thing that has turned up is an active thyroid. Hypothyroidism is what we "think" is the concern. It has been checked 3 times, and twice it was off. My doctor proscribed some medicine(Levothyroxine, lowest dose possible for now- .25 or 25) for 2 months. In 6 weeks we'll do blood work again and see if I still have the inner cold feeling.

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by michaela125, Jul 08, 2010
I have exactly the same feeling of innner cold -bones feel cold and cannot warm up!  Have you found a diagnosis??? Michelle: ***@****

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by THX1167, Aug 31, 2010
We have not. Still feel the same, and just had a bad few days where I was worse, couldn't sleep well, tired, legs feel real cold and ache alittle. One night I was asleep but I was shivering so bad it shook the bed and woke up my wife. She got me another blanket(4th one) and microwaved a heating pad for me.
My local doc is going to send me out for a 3rd opinion.

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by jimmyjay78, Oct 19, 2010
Unfortunately, I have possibly something similar - have had it for the last 10 years. I have had numerout tests, thyroid was fine, noting else came up funny. Personally it is as if the cold enters my bones (ankles and wrists particularly) - then the pain starts and once the pain enters I cant sleep till the 'cold' leaves my bones.... Doctors have brushed it off as possibly rheumatism or arthritis.... Try to stay out of the cold or draughts etc etc as once it enters....

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by loulou654, Nov 26, 2011
I have the same thing. I have hypothyroidism and RA. Pain gets so severe i have had to sleep ina warm bath to get ANY relief. My doctor also began prescribing vit d in amounts of 50,000mg twice a week. It has actually lessened my pain. Hope this helps.

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by connie87, Jan 21, 2012
I have Hypo too - 13 yrs now. Make sure your TSH numbers are staying within  1-3 and for me to feel ok I need 1.5. Keep getting tested and find a doctor who will keep your numbers where you need to feel OK or get another one NOW.
Synthroid and never in the generic, EVER. Sometimes my symptoms even look like I have too little but I actually have too much making my number go too low .05.. cannot go below a zero by the way. One would think getting too much would make me too warm but everyone is different and it is not a direct up and down (symptoms vs meds) so don't self medicate! you could be making it worse. Now go get retested till you feel better.

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by married19, Jan 28, 2012
I have hypo too.  Just started the meds for it.  Then my bones started getting cold.  I am going to follow up with my doctor this week.  Hopefully that will help.  I hope this coldness *****.

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by michelletremonti, Feb 05, 2012
i have had bad knee pain for about 1 year now, and within the last couple of months have had sensation of cold pain starting in the knee and radiating down the top 1/3rd of my shinbone.
i have had my thyroid levels checked several times in the past couple of years, and it had always come back normal.
any other thoughts?

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by Regulus, Feb 29, 2012
To the original poster:

Find a doctor that believes in Lyme disease and get checked.

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by Bone_chills, Sep 02, 2012
I have The same symptoms. Started  in my wrists and hands, now back shoulders, hips, feet and shins. I just feel cold, and my bones hurt. My doctor ordered blood works for arthritis and thyroid.
Doctor things I have tendonitis due to working long hours in a ergonomic desk. A friend f mine told me that my hips and lower body pains are due to moving to new house that has ceramic tules instead of wood floor or carpet. she might e right, lower body pains when I moved to he new house.
Will see what comes up with blood works.
Low vitamin d could be a reason also, I don't spend enough time in the sun. I will good when
My pain lowers significantlty when I warm up inthe sun.
Will look into Lynette disease.


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by Bone_chills, Sep 02, 2012
I meant Lyme disease above*

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by crazySue, Feb 02, 2014
A year ago I started having what I called the chills, but I now describe it as COLD in my bones, I ache particularly in my hands.  My Mom suffered from RA and was bedridden for 16 yrs.  My RA tests came back normal.  I started feeling better in the summer.  But "it" came back in October and I have have been "ill" everyday/nite since.  I was am also very dizzy.
The dizziness starts 3 months into the beginning of feeling ill.   My doc said I probably had/have a virus?  All my tests (including Lyme) came back "normal".  All I want to do is stay in bed…. getting depressed.  I feel like someone is standing on my chest and back.  I was thinking I need a PET scan…worrying about a cancer diagnosis?  Although I am not happy others are suffering, I am relieved to know I am not alone…I feel like I am going crazy and my family and friends cannot relate ~


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by Tizzle90, Apr 28, 2014
I have been getting these sorts of pains for around a year and doctors dont know what they. Are. I bascially get the feeling like my bones are ice and could break anymoment. They ache so bad i just want to lay down and sleep but it keeps me awake and i cant ever get comfortable. Its in my shins and ankles and everywhere up to my lower back and wrist and forearms. Any one have any more suggestions or thoughts on these. Its becoming horrible and making me feel so down

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by carmcarm777, May 23, 2014
I can also relate. I have been getting cold in my bones for awhile. I had blood work done as well the only thing that they said is anemic n my potassium was low. I take iron pills, potassium pills, and I was taking vitamins which did help. I need more vitamins. I am seeking God, because I need answers.

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by nepwrite, Jun 23, 2014
God is there for us.
I, too, have "frozen bones." Mostly in my hands. I can't sleep due to the pain and I'm so depressed over it that all I do is lay in bed. I've had heart attacks, strokes, open heart surgery, stents, and Fibromyalgia since I was a child. My family is wonderful, but I haven't ever had a doctor (and I've been through a LOT) that I felt really understands the amount of pain I'm in all the time. Then one morning I woke up with my right side asleep  and it never totally woke up. Mostly it tingles but sometimes is totally numb. Two doctors said it was a stroke. I am already being treated for low thyroid with levothyroxine but I'm going to have more blood work done soon. I hadn't heard before that it might be Fibro. Interesting. Glad to have found this site. Feels like a support group. Praise God!

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by znasser14, Jun 26, 2014
My mom can relate to the same topic ,she feels like her bones are cold,her temperature is on and off,
She gets cold and hot,she starts sweating both cold and worm. We went to the hospital and the doctors have done many tests including blood work and everytthing came back  normal.They discharged her and she still gets worser and worser.we dont know what to do,except wait and see if a miracle comes.

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by THX1167, Jul 15, 2014
My thyroid was removed because of cancer. The internal medicine doctor I was seeing in 2009 missed it. I ended up "crashing" in 2010 and had to stop working(from a few things, thyroid cancer was just one). I finally went back to work full time last November. I don't have cold bones anymore, but I am on 250 mcg of synthroid these days.

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by Sahnjohn, Oct 30, 2014
I have arthritis in multiple joints and about a month ago I started to feel cold like it was all the way to my bones!!! Nothing I do warms up totally up.  I have trouble sleeping as well.  It can be a miserable feeling especially when the pain kicks in.  I had my left thyroid removed about 20 yrs ago but my thyroid levels have been normal. If anyone has a diagnosis please share.  It's great to know I'm not alone.  People often look at me like I'm crazy when I try to describe it to them.

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by Rd0001, Jan 04, 2015
I have the same problem. Just reading about it online to figure out some diagnosis or treatment. I have tried homeopathic medicine, prescribed medicine, crazy home remedies, and massages. I feel like there is no hope for this. The ache is so severe sometimes, I feel like hitting myself with a wrench to make it stop. Some people have told me it is associated with menstruation for women and iron anemia for everyone in general. I keep my iron levels up but nothing seems to do the trick. I have heard about magnesium and now will be trying that.

Good luck to everyone.

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by Ann_Keepit_Real, Jan 23, 2015
Same problems of "coldness" in my bones & pain. The doctors kept repeatedly testing me for RA, thyroid problems & Vitamin D defiiciency. The tests always came back negative, except one time my Vitamin D was low. Even after receiving massive doses of Vitamin D, I still had coldness & pain in my bones.  After changing doctors 4 times in 2 years, I was finally given a bone marrow biopsy & discovered I have bone marrow cancer.

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by shoflo229, Feb 20, 2015
Doctors never check whats called parathyroids. Hperparathyroidism can cause lots of problems.  There will be tumors on your parathyroid that has to be removed. You have 4 parathyroids.  Your vitamin d will also be low.

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by ChaCha2, Mar 10, 2015
I have been having the feeling of ice in my bones. It's in my shoulders and feels so painful. I have Lupus, Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, Thyroid, Migraines, & Depression. My doctor has not heard of icy feeling in the bones. I see my Rheumatologist in about a month. I was starting to feel helpless until I saw this site! Thanks for sharing your experiences.

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by Helbo, Mar 12, 2015
I have a  "cold" feeling in my left leg from my foot to the top of my thigh. I have just had a knee replacement in that leg and wonder if this could be an infection in the bone? After reading about bone infections, the symptoms seem to fit. I'll see my doctor tomorrow and pass on any information which might help others.  I've had rheumatoid arthritis for 30 years but this is a completely different pain. The new knee replacement is going well and the surgeon was happy with the result. I am now walking quite well (it's only been three weeks) so this cold feeling right through my foot, shin and thigh bones seem unrelated to " normal" pain expected from the knee replacement. I have had two previous knee replacements, so I am in a position to know that this isn't a normal post op problem.

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by COXCheng, Apr 08, 2015
I am 56 year old male, I start to have cold feeling of feet and upper legs 2 -3 years ago when I sit in sofa during winter time (room temperature is set to 20-24C, but probably a little lower). I have to put thick cotton stuff for cover my leg and feet when I am sitting. But no cold feeling when I am walking outside (above zero, or -10, -15C), I can sleep well as long as I put a sheep fur in the bed for legs area. I know it is blood circulation, I know massage could improve a lot, what else?  

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by Jwsis, Jun 22, 2015
My problem seems to be a little different than most.  I have no pain, just a real cold feeling in the bones of my lower legs, ankle to knee, I sit in front of a heater sometimes in the evenings and that helps temporarily. Tests on circulation, stress, blood, legs are warm to touch but cold inside, even saw a nuerologist (misspelled) he had never heard of it and said I was an anomaly, which didn't help, along with this I get a light film sweat can't figure that out. All the tests came back normal. Does not bother me in bed. Just takes away a lot of my joy. Live in the NW.... I do better in summer but it doesn't go away.  Any ideas????

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by Duranie70, Jul 13, 2015
I suggest everyone read up on CRPS also known as RSD. It's extremely painful and very hard to get a diagnosis, but it's important to try to get treatment asap.
There's good news and bad news...
The good news is - it won't kill you.
The bad news is - it won't kill you.

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by Cold123, Aug 16, 2015
Hi there! I was reading everyone's comments  and I can tell you what my regimen for cold feet as I also do suffer with cold to the bone foot problem. I have had peripheral neropathy in my feet for over 10 years. They do not know what is causing it.  I have been seeing the same podiatrist for that amount of time, but in the last year or so my right  peroneal tendon tore and I had to wear a very uncomfortable plastic brace while it healed. The doctor said it healed but   that area it is still causing me problems with pain and swelling. I am going to seek out another doctor as my pain levels have not gone down at all. But anyway what I do before I go to bed is I put a plastic glove on and rub thoroughly into my feet and ankle Capsaicin cream which is made from hot chilies....and then I put my wool socks on that I got from Academy ( the type you go camping in) kinda expensive socks.. but they are worth it. But before doing all this I forgot to mention that I take a warm bath in Epsom salts until I feel the bones warm up. Then, I get under the blankets. Once my feet are warm from the bath, and then I massage them and put the wool socks on I am not bothered anymore with cold feet feeling down to the bone. Hope this helps!! If anyone one has any help for neuropathy or peroneal tendonitis  let me know.

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by Irene_S, Sep 17, 2015
My sister is having the same problem since last week. When her feet is cold the shaking starts. All her test are normal. The doctor thought she have stress/depression and effect her body. It's nice to know that she is not alone. If I ever know the medicine I will post here asap.

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by Kimmylee61, Sep 27, 2015
This is what I feel and what keep telling doctors.  My ankles and wrists are painful.  However, my long bones in my legs feel like they are steel bars that were put in a freezer. The pain and cold radiates out from the bones to my soft tissue. This usually occurs at night and I cannot sleep. It's like a nightmare, but it's not every night. Now I'm getting it in my arms and spine. I may also feel this pain and cold at work while I sit at a desk. I am getting this pain more frequently. I'm noticing that I may feel really tired and cold after eating which means I'm going to have a horrible night. I have been told that I have fibromyalgia, but that is really a symptom label. Something physical has to be going on, because I'm not crazy. I have had this for at least 10 years. Oh yea, I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism 22 years ago after my first child and have been on levithyroxine.

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by JulesIlls, Oct 07, 2015
I have this issue
Low thyroid and depleted cortisol/cortisone
I used a natural adrenal support which helped a lot
I also suffer with poor abilities to deal with humidity in that it makes me shake as if I haven't eaten. The adrenal support tablets helped this too

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by Wendynird, Nov 24, 2015
So glad I found this!! The lower leg bone in my right leg feels like ice. The left isn't quite as bad but if I get the least cold or bug they get worse. I wrap them in a heating pad for hours. It's all that keeps it under control but never goes away. As soon as I get out from under it the bone feels like a frozen metal rod. Skin is warm. Some very interesting comments ... Gives me things to look into. Thyroid, vitamin d, CRPS, glad to see the comments. Been going on 3 years. No doctor I've talked to has ever heard of it. I know bone marrow is where we make blood cells, so this can't be a good sign. I doubt that there's a medicine for it... But maybe a cause, and maybe a cure. More juicing and vitamins for starters. Let's all keep posting. This is the only site I've found with ANY info!! My best to all!!

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by nuribeth123, Nov 27, 2015
I don't know if it's the same thing, but I've had this problem for basically all my life. It's usually sudden and it feels like coldness inside my bones. After that, a pain occurs but not pain that you can touch and it makes it worse. It's just there where the cold is. The bones don't hurt, the inside does. It starts off mild but increases over time. It gets to the point where I will even wake up from it. I cannot sleep. I've found that the only thing that reduces pain and allows me to sleep is putting rubbing alcohol on the place and immediately covering up with blankets. The pain/coldness goes away quickly.

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by holistichelper, Jan 11, 2016
Try Acupuncture/Chinese Medicine!! They have herbal formulas that are specifically for warming the sensation of Inner Cold. They use herbs like cinnamon bark and ginger- warming and promotes circulation. Many people have stress which causes blood to go from extremities to the torso. Overexertion can also cause a hypo state that makes you feel cold all the time.

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by ramtam6448, Jan 29, 2016
I sit long hours driving night it got do cold out and the trucks heat was not at its I worked on it in 1 digit temperatures...after that I got so cold, it felt like ice grabbed hold deep inside me....then the Lower back pain started...can't sleep...can't stand or walk without pain...been to my doctors,sent to physical therapy, even went to answers..the test are coming back negative...everything looks good they say but the pain is is real...I am so glad to find this site. Reading the comments has given me things to investigate....I hope we can all find relief and answers...

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by jerryboylee, Feb 01, 2016
I have strong pains in my lower back running into my butt bones. it also cause weakness and numbness in my both legs.when it is cold I feel lots of pains in my entire legs. can someone help me.

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by Sahnjohn, Feb 18, 2016
I am experiencing the same bone chilling coldness.  I have arthritis in multiple joints, raynauds, Bursitus, anemia Fibromyga & a Vitamin D deficiency.  I also have had my left thyroid removed many years ago. Although I am no longer on synthroid.  My thyroid test come back within the normal range now.  I have had several positive ANAs & a negative ANA so my Rhueumotigist is trying to get a definitive answer for Lupus.  I suffer the most in the winter months.  The cold is the worst!!!!! It's almost impossible to warm up,  My doctor has put me on Plaquenil for the all over pain which has helped a lot.  My main suggestion is to get a good doctor who is willing to run all the necessary test until he finds an answer. I also get chest pains.  It's good to know that I am not alone in this terrible plight to find an answer

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by Zukiswa, Mar 05, 2016
I am very worried about this though..It seems as if it's getting stronger by the doctor don't seem to hel inner bones are cold and it comes with severe cramps.

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by 4mysavior, Mar 18, 2016
My daughter is having the same thing. I had it a few years ago when I was really sick with mercury poisoning. It was my thyroid adrenals and cortisol. I had 14 fillings that were leaching in my body. They had mercury in them. If you have silver fillings I would advise you to see a biological dentist. Also if you have tattoos that are red this is mercury. Mercury is in everything. Mascara smart meters tattoos hemoroid cremes hair color etc. I urge everyone on here to check it out more. you can do a hair test also to see if you have high metals in your body. Blessings

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by samuelcharith, Mar 31, 2016
I have the same cold internal bone sensation sometimes..
It mostly happens for the bone part behind my calf muscle.
I iam all healthy yet face this problem randomly..
The best possible solution i could reccomend fot people like me is buy a pair of soccer socks which extend over till calf muscle and knee and wear them..
It  stays firm, tight and warm ..its my best solutiin.

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by rosario7, May 01, 2016
My father RIP use to have the same cold bones very bad for live ,as a yonger person it will happen every time he got some kind of injury ay work, as he got older he use to getting one a year or so .He suffer from arthritis,high blood presure and had a heart surgery  hedied  at the age of 98.I'm 71 and started having the same problem ,also have arthritis ,high blood presure and dizziness, my cold its in my arms mostly.  I related my cold frizzing bone with exercise or hard fisical work ,in my case everthing started when i went back to workout after few years,also it always happens at night and its very hard to go to sleep
.My thyroid tested normal..Thanks so much for all ur posts!

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by bburleson1, May 10, 2016
I have the cold bones, but I also have a lot of problems with balance. Does anyone else have this problem? My neurologist diagnosed Guillain Barre Syndrome..after an EMG test (for nerve conduction) I suffer from Drop Foot.

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by Lele47, May 25, 2016
So I have had recent attacks, very random at the times they come. But i am currently in so much pain. My ankles are where they feel freezing but then it radiates into my upper legs and my feet. It is warm as hell outside and I'm wearing uggs and my feet legs and ankles still feel freezing. My skin is fine to the touch, it feels like the rest of my body but I am trying to heat my lower legs  and I'm sweating on the top of my body. This is making no sense! I am 19 and I honestly can not handle this freaking pain. I am in tears because it hurts so bad!!! I have been tested for lupus, arthritis just about everything and everything has came back normal
This is crazy! Someone please help with this pain!

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by Gferfg, Jun 23, 2016
Not sure if this works for other body parts but for my legs I wrap a scarf tightly around my legs and it relieves the pain

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