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1 month post EOT

Jun 08, 2013 - 2 comments










Its really been one month and 6 days since I have been off the meds. At first it was really strange to be off the meds and not taking anything every single day. It has been interesting in a good way. I have regain most of my energy back which is a plus. There are days where I am a bit winded but I push threw it and cont. on. I still have some joint and back pain. I don't know if it is from work or the meds getting out of my system. Its really hard to tell....... I am enjoying my life back everyday. I am getting some of my sleep back to normal. I am not taking as much to go to sleep. Partly because I don't want to be on any meds anymore if I have a choice and I do.
I am grateful for this website and all the people on it and the people that helped me out. I am going to cont. trying to help people out. I joined the american liver foundation to help out people my age and many more. I want people to know that they need to get tested for hep b and c. Regaurdless of what you have done in your past. I think it should be something that they test when you go get a check up with all the blood work. If you don't know you never will. Anyways I am beat mowed the lawn today for the first time in awhile and I am pooped. Time for some well needed food in my belly.

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by rivll, Jun 08, 2013
I am so glad you are bouncing back so quickly. You went into this with a great attitude and stuck it out through the hellish times and now you have a long wonderful life ahead of you.
Kudos to you for joining the American Liver foundation. To give back and help the folks facing the problems associated with Hepatitis is a great gift.
Good for you Star, share your shine. :)

by Reidmusic, Jun 09, 2013
It's great to hear that you're recovering so well and enjoying your life again. Helping to spread the word on testing through the American Liver Foundation is a wonderful thing to do and a great cause. I think we all love hearing from people who have finished treatment and are doing well like you are.

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