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Trip to L and D

Jun 19, 2013 - 10 comments

Went in for my check up and ultra sound...blood pressure was up and 30 minutes into ultra sound Miss Lauren was not moving. They tried to stimulate me for a while and nothing. Rushed over to the hospital and they loaded me with sugar and now I'm in tears and scared to death. At 5:08 they sent me for a final u/s...if no movement she was going to be delivered. Finally she decided to move. They thought she may have gotten tangled in the now limited activities for me and a daily kick count sheet. She was about 5lbs 2 ounces yesterday.

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by claritasj, Jun 19, 2013
I am glad everything is ok.. maybe she was sleeping!!!

by Des_a_rae, Jun 19, 2013
Sounds like she's gonna be hard to wake up for school every morning ;)    

Having said that..I'm SO glad everything is okay.  Wow what a scare!!  I'm so sorry you had to go through that considering everything you've been through already, but soo thankful everything is okay.  Did your blood pressure stabilize or what did they say about that?   Little Miss Lauren is gonna have to quit scaring mama!! lol  Soo happy everything is okay hun... Relax!!  and keep us posted :)

by zara2010, Jun 19, 2013
Aw that sounds so traumatic :( glad you & baby girl are ok. Take the rest & fingers crossed she kicks you like crazy x

by bfromthed, Jun 19, 2013
Blood pressure is stable now with new meds....just taking it easy. My mom changed her flight to come a few weeks earlier...she will be here on Sunday and I am so happy...I have not seen her since January.

by retta483, Jun 19, 2013
omg!!!! so scary praying little miss Lauren& you  are  ok .

by aiyanas_momma, Jun 19, 2013
I am sorry you had that scare but on the other hand I am glad that everything is good now.

by melimeli, Jun 19, 2013
prayers...  stay hydrated!

by bccw1629, Jun 19, 2013
wow scary.  I would have been in tears too.  5 lbs 2 oz is sounding really good.  My little one was born at 5 lb 12 oz and everything was ok.  Just a bit longer and she'll be here.  enjoy the time with your mom.  They are a blessing to have around.  I know I'd be a mess without my mom right now!

by nola0805, Jun 19, 2013
So glad that everything is okay.  I can only imagine how scary that was.  Rest as much as you can.

by mhv, Jun 21, 2013
So glad she is ok!!!  How scary!  Maybe they will take her earlier?  Thinking of you :)

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