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embryo report.

Jun 19, 2013 - 27 comments

i think this is good but i am not sure....

1-4 cell day 2 today 10 cell, 2-4 cell day 2 today 8 cell, 3 1cell day 2 today 1 cell, 2 2cell day 2 today 4 and 5 cell , 1 4 cell day 2 today 6 cell, 1 3cell day 2 today 6 cell... so we still only have 5 that look good but the other two are still trying. maybe they will make it.

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by retta483, Jun 19, 2013
this is foreign language to me But im praying for you and your embryo's :) Wishing you lot's of Luck !! xx

by krichar, Jun 19, 2013
I hope you don't mind me commenting :) those look good, a perfect 3-day is usually 8 cells.... So the fact on have a 10 cell is amazing. I hope that one goes to blast for you as it seems to be the leader

by rmmoye, Jun 19, 2013
Thanks krichar. we are trying for all blast. we are doing pgd/ pgs so i was hoping they would all jump up there.
u made me feel better tell me that  a 10 is really good.

by rmmoye, Jun 19, 2013
retta thanks for the prayers

by Risa615, Jun 19, 2013
Sending hugs that you make it to transfer, sounds really good so far.  

by rmmoye, Jun 20, 2013
ok girls i am still praying they make it. dr called to say 10, 5, and 4 cell were grade 3.  the other  4 were grade 2 ( normal). i had no grade 1 ( perfect). I know God is in control and i know i babies can make it to the plast and then through the pgs for transfer.

by Durban81, Jun 21, 2013
What date hun?

by renae176, Jun 21, 2013
what is pgs?

by rmmoye, Jun 21, 2013
Pre-genitic screening

I had them emplanted this morning.  3 made it to blast by transfer. He bumped it to 5 days after instead of 6 and canceled the p g s because I didn't have 4 or more

by pb95, Jun 21, 2013

by JennyB0125, Jun 21, 2013
Got my finger crossed for you!

by claritasj, Jun 21, 2013
Good luck !!

by renae176, Jun 21, 2013
so how many did u transfer? sorry , 1 or 2 embryos , And good luck to you, Hope u get a BFP, how many days do they wait before they do a hcg test?

by Des_a_rae, Jun 21, 2013
AWw Best of luck hun! Praying you get good news soon!! :D

by rmmoye, Jun 22, 2013
We did two..... H c g test on July 1st

by yoha919, Jun 22, 2013
getting there good luck!!!

by journey2motherhood, Jun 22, 2013
Sending you tons of baby dust!  

by rmmoye, Jun 22, 2013
Thanks ladies ... I'm praying they both stick

by claritasj, Jun 22, 2013
sticky sticky :-) I am so happy rmmoye I know this is it finally !  u been great always xoxo

by renae176, Jun 22, 2013
so do u have 1 frozen, embryo left or did u implant them all  , i hope u get a BFP< good luck to you

by heather727, Jun 24, 2013
I'll be praying for you that you get your BFP and that they STICK this time!!

by rmmoye, Jun 24, 2013
We have one frozen one left.. it was the one that started out 10 cell grade bc. now it is blast grade bc.  

by renny320, Jun 24, 2013
Good luck! SSBD!!! Hope you get your bfp on the 1st.

by retta483, Jun 24, 2013
ssbd hope july 1st is a bfp !!

by renae176, Jun 29, 2013
So your hoping they both stick, that would be nice, get 2 little ones, Praying for you, ive been looking at your pics, How many days past transfer are you?  Im so excited for you.

by rmmoye, Jun 29, 2013
Today I am 8 dpt. ....I got a letter in the mail telling me theyfroze2.  1

by renae176, Jun 29, 2013
Well thats good, but i think your preg, i know a girl another lady who got her BFP on 8 dpt, and your test from yesterday looks positive , i could see a line, i cant wait to see it get darker, Prayers for you that u have a healthy pregnancy.

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